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  1. I think both chubby and bear machine both made good points op. so no support to you i have no trouble what so ever in finding a good fight as a matter of fact a few of them has posted here just pick one
  2. You guys can manage that because you've decided to ally with zaft. Not many people are stupid enough to hit anyone in relation with zaft, op is completely 100% on point with this. Hte has ruined the game, don't get me wrong. I buy seals. I stay at a b2b hte clan, but that's because I can manage to do that and still succeed in real life. If KaW was the way it was 4 years ago. Everything would be "A Okay", PvP would still be thriving. Devs could still do events, pvp events or even eb events that you don't have to pay to win them. I'm not sure if supporting this would make sense, but support
  3. If you wanna PVP you still can so its not broken, the only time ppl used bl often was before eb's. (Yes I'm an alt boo hoo).

    Ever since EB's PVP has been a neglected aspect of the game. Back then my main would get 40-100 notifications a day. Since it was only quest or farm people enjoyed the game.

  4. Lol third time you've tried to smear me with that crap. Obsess much? I can't recall you being part of that OSW. If you're so curious about my OSW history this year, you just have to follow and ask. If not, take your petty jealousy somewhere else, unless you actually got the McNuggets to hit me. 
  5. Support
  6. No Support.

    I'm tired seeing thread of people complaining about PvP but can't stand what it takes to be a PvP player.
  7. Op 2/2/13 np.

    A little PVP action for ya 
  8. I still battle other players 1 time and they hit back 1 time  none of them have complained they just simply hit back not everyone has let pvp die but u do have a point op.
  9. Whats there to get wrong? thats a pretty clear statement.

    ooohh, you mean that!

    a contradiction followed by an omission,
    but excused by an irrelevant justification.

    well **** me! that was a curve ball.

    how ever you are succeeding in life with this thought process is what isnt making sense..

    i wasnt here four years ago, but i bet there are more people at this moment exchanging hits than then.

    also, you are implying that people didnt max nob back then and the devs wouldnt use promos to encourage spending?

    i mean thats how its reading..
  11.  he wasnt the only one
  12. Before EBs, people still didn't PvP a lot.
  13. @n8n8

    The op hasn't been around long enough to have experienced the pwar era.

  14. This does not really happen in Zaft. Yes you hit one but risk them all is rubbish any good warrior will allow a pvp to be a pvp. Player v player. Osw is different maybe a pvp can spark a osw.

    When I started we had pW I think the first eb was deprived or warbeast can't really remember but we either had system wars where we attacked out alts/spys/osf. However these was not good old days. Go on unloads, wait for troops do it again.

    We do the same even still now. Go on. Hit monsters and come back. The good old days never happened kaw was just FC but now kaw has evolved. The pvp system does need better rewards but if you want to hit someone try it. Fish wc, battle list. Even your own clan members. Pvp is fun but only if you don't care about growing.
  15. @dave

    I'd hate to disagree, but my experience with Zaft Carnage during the farm fest was they pinned anyone who attacked them, even if they knew it was just farm fest hits. Perhaps I am wrong, but I've never seen any evidence they don't defend their own.
  16. Jealous of what? I think you're a joke you're a system war guy and not even really good at that,and you have a few towers pffff so jelly right now....runner/kicked same excuse just admit it you're a chump simples
  17. @chubbs

    Oh no! Are we getting angry? You seem to know everything about me. Nice to have a fan. 

    Yeah I do system wars a few times a week. Sorry that offends you. Done PVP, EB, EE, OSW, whatever comes up at the moment. Variety is always a lot of fun.

    Kinda creepy you seem to know my EE war record. I don't put through the backdoor so keep your distance mate. 

    As for how "good" I am, well, two time ASW champ mate. How many times you won?

    Cheers and happy holidays to all of Fury️
  18. It's typical of frog to post hits on threads against kingdoms considerably smaller than his, as he has done numerous times on this thread.

    When frog is called out by a fair matched Kingdom like chubby, he doesn't post hits against chubby, he instead just whines and cries.

    Frog. Runner. Coward. Joke

  19. Says the build dropping to stop getting hit noob who stays small purposely to farm new and tiny accounts.
  20. OP is right in all ways. If HTE wasn't here this game would be much more balanced. I don't get why devs are so scared to remove it. People still want gold, they'd just have to xstall for it.