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  1. Well what's more awkward in finding a locked thread? Writing out a long post only to find out it's locked. But instead of putting all that useless hard work to the kaw void, I decided I could find out what the forumers of kaw think of the stance of pvp with in the game.

    My view is well...

    Battling use to be paying the same or more compared with chasing the items on a haunting, but since the plunder increases came out that spelt the end for pvp in general. Since hte came out it has become the life blood of enjoying the game, can't grow, can't join events and can't enjoy the game if you don't spend on a hte.

    Spending is meant to be a advantage not only way to play, at this rate players may as well buy monthly memberships at £30 a week to play the game.

    Do I blame the devs? Nope.
    They run the game like a business and the business sole purpose is to make loads of money. I blame the players for turning the free-2-play game into a spending game.

    I do believe the players have ruined kaw, and there's practically no hope in returning the game back to the good old days. Yes I do accept that there's still a good number of people actually still using the war features, but question is can I still see that a year later?

    But anyways we tried a pvp event and about more than half of the players casted out, we have grown too found of ebs making the sole purpose of the game redundant, and since everyone is grouping into huge alliances the people who are meant to be using the game for pvp are refusing to engage in pvp, as osw can spark out or you end up having 6-10 accounts hitting cos you tried a 1v1, only people who you can pvp with today is inside no named clans that have little experience in the art of pvp.

    TL:DR ?

    Pvp is to costly and everyone is partially refusing to pvp, as they think it's a attack on their personal life.

    (Just to those who think it isn't I can tell you a good number of stories about people claiming I'm "bullying" and I'm insulting their real life though a game :? )
  2. No support
    You must be doing it wrong, poser
    Didn't you make a weird stalker thread about another player who hit you a few times?
    I get inc all the time if not I pick a fight.
    I'm a noob and a select all hitter and have trillions in pots why can't you?We run almost b2b hte and everyone in my clan still hits ca or has their own beef their cooking.Many war clans can say the same yo...what are you doing?Other than spamming AT with this crap hit someone baby boy
  3. careful! it's comments like this that give the devs ideas!!!
  4. What chubby said.
  5. Support about grouping together

    Someone farms 1 guy in, say kotfe or Zaft, they get put in ca and bummed by 100 accs, many much bigger than him

    And then these big alliance clans moan there's too many fairies
  6. K...wot about the other 10,000 or so active daily users that are not in the big 3-4 family alliances? Just because every pvp or clan on clan osw doesnt have a thread about it doesnt mean it isn't happening...
  7. Cream pie

    What the hell are you on about
    I was pointing out the issue with these big clans

    Didn't say anything about missing threads, or OSW threads or any threads?
  8. why did accounts that never spend gold on towers, pots, bb tax, or strip funds cry about losing some gold for the first time in their kawing when the pvp event kicked off?

    some were in total disbelief that they were actually attacked. lol.

    honestly though, i respect their choice to play in a non pvp type of style. we've all seen pvp wannabes do everything possible to get a cf forum thread.

    but atleast deves are working on it. though i dont think the b2b insane gold promos was the way to go about it.
  9. I was pointing out the vast majority of kaw that are not in those large clan fams that do pvp or osw and not mske a big deal about it, sorry about your fear of hitting people in this war game maybe try another more light hearted app?
  10. PvP is love, pvp is life
  11. I wont comment. Dont want devs creating another thread about peoples different PVP styles.
  12. The only rule we live by
  13. Ahhhww sweet lady Mary Joseph, PvP ish shoooo bad. Lyke it hurtz.

    Nah jk. PvP is great and I'm a noob
  14. Blaming other players cause you suck at Kaw?

    No support.

    Btw, there never was "the good old days" of Kaw. Those who talk about those days obviously weren't around for them
  15. Here's a wild idea if you want to PVP. Join an EE clan. I do about three EE a week and I get to smack lots of ppl. It's not brain surgery.
  16. Wanna hear a crazy idea?


  17. Lol when do big alliance clan moan about too many EB fairies? It seems like it's the little nublets like you and op who do all the moaning.

    I also lol at the idea EB fairies are not good at PVP. It was those same fairies that kicked butt in the last PVP promo cause they were smart enough to build a decent account before participating. You need to be smart about PVP. If you do it 24/7 then you'll never grow and face a lifetime of warring nubs.
  18. Yes frog is right when osw comes to your clan in your banner like frog had (iG) he simply left the clan to prepare better
  19. Yes you are 100% correct it was the players ideas to implement seals, horns, buying crux chests, etc

  20. Well here in KotFE that doesn't happen. So please stop acting like you know anything. We encourage 1v1's and don't interfere unless we need to, for example the individual gets jumped by multiple people. Only time my clan knows of my targets is when I strip them and open them up to my clan.

    But good try bud.