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  1. Hello fellow KawAddicts.

    This is a Wall of text if your illiterate I don't recommend reading this.

    Thank you,
    Have a Good Day! :mrgreen:

    I would like to start off by saying this is one of my inactive alts, that I haven't had the time to play with. If you watch South Park you can probably figure out who my main is.

    I've been playing this game for over 2 years now, it has been fun at times. However, quite frankly I've been finding it hard to continue to login more than once an hour.

    Wars/EE do not interest me in the slightest, generic rewards that give a slight bonus where as allies do the same thing, and who wants to stare at an ios, pc, or android for 2 hours straight hitting the same people over and over. Some people may enjoy this, but to the people who have life's out of KAW and don't like to constantly spend on crystals and such, I think you may like these ideas...


    1. Arena

    My Proposal

    To incorporate some kind of arena, including its own leaderboards and rewards
    Couple ideas on this
    -1v1 15 minute's worth of hits
    -1v1 1 hit and defense
    -Free-for-all against everyone. Something like a ranking match where you go up against someone if your hit wins you go up the leaderboard. You can only hit someone 10-15 people ahead of you on the leaderboard. Also to make this fair only X amount of hits a day.

    Now as everyone knows, Bonus from Allies will ruin this idea completely. So I purpose either a Cap on BFA or take it out completely.

    Rewards will be given out once a day. Nothing to Over Powered maybe x in-game cash a day, depending on rank.

    2. Allies
    (This is more of a rant more or less.)
    Allies ruin this game. You know it, Top 50 know it, the Developers know it. Why do you think your clan cant get a decent/Equal/Fair match? Allies!
    -There's rumors that the difference between #5 and #1 on allie leaderboard, in allies is a total of 150tril.
    -There's rumors that the only persons that can Hit #1 on allie is top 3.
    How does this make you feel? Makes me feel like theres no hope at all and I am ranked at 2000-3000..

    My Proposal
    Make this game completely on Stats and Stats alone. Here's why..
    Take a build complete spy hansel with little to none allies, and a build complete attack build with little to none allies. The attack build can attack them with most likely 100% success, the spy build can spy them with 100% success.

    Now add allies..
    Say the Hansel had an extremely high BFA, and The attack build had a small to medium amount of BFA. The Attack build will most likely have a 0% chance to attack, and the Hansel will beat the crap out of the attack build..

    How is this Fair at all? Its not and it ruins the game and any chance of a fair match off or on system war.

    We need a new system, obviously we cant eliminate allies as that's the only thing we can look forward to at a certain point. People have spent thousands and thousands of dollars of real life money on allies, and will continue to do so..

    So I purpose either a tier system, a cap or take allies out of certain events. I don't have the answer to this but we need a solution..

    3. Epic battles
    Epic battles have became the soul source of cash, equipment, a sense of community event, etc. It is the future of Kaw, don't believe me? Than ask yourself how you funded your build allies. We need Epic battles to thrive and grow.

    Now to my idea..

    Clan vs. Clan epic battles.
    Interesting eh?

    Clans will sign up for this epic battle the same way. However your clan will be put in a queue until you get a match with another clan.

    There will be two epic bosses one for your clan and one for the opposite clan. You must attack the other clans Boss until dead essentially. However you must also protect your own which will require you to attack the other clans members. (Here's your PVP :eek: ) Now I've been thinking about this, like EE there's a KO period. We can add this idea to this concept. Once you get KO you will not be able to attack until you come out of KO.

    Rewards will be given out accordingly to the amount of damage done, both boss and pvp including KO's.

    -Idea 2-
    Holiday events--
    The Horn and Moth event were just horrible, you need ridiculous amounts of xstals to get anywhere in the event. The rewards were garbage and not worth trying for.

    My proposal
    -Make new Epic Battles specified for this event.
    -Make tiered rewards, once you hit a certain point you just get the reward. Say if you hit 1k points you get X reward, once you hit say 3k points you get X reward then and there, and so on and so forth.

    I've been thinking about these ideas for awhile and so I thought I would share. I would like to see everyone's opinions on these ideas. I don't want you people to troll this idea or derail this as I put a lot of thought and effort into this. As in the words of our fearless moderator (will not say who) PISS OFF.

    In closing I just want to say I've enjoyed this game to its fullest, I've made many friends and mentors who have helped me in-game and out of game.

    Thank you all!

    And remember..
    Have a Good Day! :D
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  3. Notice people choose their build... So if a hansel beats an attack... The attack needs better defense.
  4. That is true, however if said attack build had 2m spy defense, that hansel would still be able to get through. sure maybe he will use more spies. However his BFA would still get through. Try hitting Leaderboard Hansels and let me know if im wrong.. lol
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  6. No Idea What Just Happened But ... I Like Trains.
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  8. Why the ****. Is there a bunchie running in reverse.

    And op, I like the idea, the spin with eb's. Eb's suck but I've realized that growing off the BL is kind of hard so I do eb's also.

    There should be more incentive for regular system wars instead of EE which I still don't understand.
  9. ^^ thank you all comments (besides spam) is appreciated
  10. Support. Nice ideas
  11. How about remove EB's and increase plunder on PVP and boom OSW's 
  12. Did you read the arena section? 
  13. ^ Would never happen

    ATA has three types of customers, EBers, EErs, and OSWers. They have to try and appeal to all three.

    I will admit they are losing us OSWers though....

    @The BH guy
  14. Surprised this hasn't been picked apart yet..