My (negative) experience with KoHF

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  1. The joke in and of itself, makes no sense.

    I understand the lisp part, I ofc don't have a lisp. So that point gets nullified.

    Secondly, the dinosaur makes no sense. There is no further depth, the only reason the dinosaur is there is cause of the lisp thing. He has no connection to the name Kasama.

    It's just a one dimensional inside joke that died two years ago.

    That is my point, I am not illiterate.

    I have just deconstructed your poor humor.


    What say you, how does one respond to this?
  2. Yes u do 

    Yes u r 

    U butthurt 

  3. I'm not interested enough to continue this.

    Have fun on your vacation from forums again, pal.
  4. Kasama the llama come to spit on everything. Hith
  5. My experience was similar it went like this.

    I downloaded it found out someone is impersonating me name taken (no idea why) so I tried a few of my alts names they were also taken.

    Then I got bored and deleted the game so if you see someone with my name its not me.
  6. I might not like the game, but the fact that ATA keep releasing new apps and people drop money on it to get LB before they even know if it’s going places is always funny to me.
  7. Exactly this ...funny or maybe disturbing.
  8.  wot? Its like every other game out there atm. No difference.
  9. @ecstacy Even with different realms? Not everyone is playing with the players that started, it looks like there is at a minimum 13 different realms that players can’t jump back and forth from if they’ve grown too large.
  10. Is it really necessary to resort to childish name calling?

    Gathering your alts to join in too.

    Legit, Todd.

    You need to find something better to do.

    If I didn't know any better I could make a case this is harrassment, really.

    Every thread you stalk me, it's getting creepy.
  11. You respond kas lmao that’s the best part
  12. I respond to everyone, even those who are derailing my thread.

    Honestly though, more pages for me.

    I'm leading the conversation so no lock thanks :)
  13. You don't understand yet? Kathama does not play the game. He does not hit epic battles, he does not participate in the events or grow. He's been the same size for months now.
    All he does is forum. So you have Kathama on a war game, here only for the attention which he does not get in real life. He stalks the forums, makes dumb troll bait threads, responds to everything to just forum post count farm. That's all. So that's the purpose of these threads. Not that he's a good forumer either, just some useless pleb that doesn't even play the game. Think about it: picture it if you didn't play kaw but all you did was login to post the forums? Pathetic innit.
  14. Wrong I upgraded from 30mil cs to 40mil+ cs around a month ago.

    I'm not here for attention, I'm here to discuss things and post a meme or two to get a chuckle.

    I dont think you understand what post count farming is?

    I mean look at Todd, he repeats the same things each and every post. He posts multiple things back to back, he has blind followers like yourself possibly an alt to assist him whenever things dont go his way.

    If anyone is post count farming, it must be himself.

    I'll tell you what's pathetic, coming to forums only to hate on me. Why does it matter how, if or why I post.

    Why are you so concerned?

    You dont know me, why should you care about what I do?

    Following me, stalking my threads, getting yourself forum banned on your 20 alts.

    That's pathetic, todd.

    Take the hint already, I dont want you here, the devs dont want you here.

    Go away already.

    I haven't been permanently forum banned once, that should speak volumes on where I stand, as opposed to you, Todd.

    This thread is nothing but hate now.

    I'll let you respond, then I'll probs request a lock.
  15. Everyone hates my threads, that's why the only 2-3 haters are you, faust and that other jabrony.

    Stupidity is spelling this with a j.

    Where did I lie?

    You have 3 active accs (wow you must be busy in rl) but have 20 banned ones, rip.

    Yeah I'm 'constantly' stalking forums that's why I posted 16 or so hours later.

    You're delusional.
  16. lady k dumb dumb ...this pathetic thread got almost ZERO traction and if you'll notice "4" different people commented on either how stupid you are or what a liar you are. You just don't like the fact you got caught lying and I'm calling you a liar. 

    ...& seriously dummy everyone thinks you're pathetic. Are you too stupid to remember you started a butthurt thread trying to get me and 2 other players banned?? What happened idiot??? EVERYBODY who posted took the side of the 3 (me one of them) who made you butthurt and wanted you gone.
  17. That was like a week ago you moron. ...yo you idiot EVERY one of your threads ends up like that or it dies quick and nobody notices or cares.

    Lady K everyone either laughs at my posts or hates me for them ...everyone just thinks you're pathetic
  18. Re: My (negative) experience with KoHFantmir

    You said you weren't going to post anymore and request lock? Do it idiot before you're butthurt gets out of control 
  19. This
  20. Re: My (negative) experience with KoHFantmir

    I see you're hoping to derail so I request lock.

    You won't win.

    I won't request lock, I highly suggest any mod watching to not lock either.

    If Todd can lock any thread by trashtalking the op, it'll inflate his already big head.

    Edit:That's funny you count your alts as actual people. Multiple personality disorder?

    That thread wasn't to get you and two other players banned, it was originally to discuss things but you obviously cannot read so I suppose it didn't dawn on you.

    Also the only people who covered for you were the people listed and even then you fools turned on each other.

    If you're still holding a grudge over a thread I made a month or two ago, get over it. Come on, that's kind of lame.