My (negative) experience with KoHF

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  1. My (negative) experience with KoHF

    Hey new thread again, so let's dive right in.

    I downloaded Kingdoms of Heckfire around 20-30mins prior to writing this piece and well...

    I am not very impressed.

    The game itself runs well aside from a few hiccups but everything else is somewhat lackluster.

    Ok to begin this tale we'll start at the beginning.

    I received a promo when I logged into KaW saying that I would receive a limited edition throne and some other goodies if I made an acc in Heckfire.

    Well I wanted to sit my fat behind on some good ol' italian leather so I almost immediately began my download for HF.

    HF downloaded pretty zippy so that's good, nice compressing the download size there ATA??????

    From there I was greeted by unpacking and loading of resources etc.

    Boring stuff typical for phone apps.

    And ka-pow, boring tutorial. Just tapped my way to the Username screen, flipping back and forward between goals and using both free and currency oriented speed-ups.

    Well name screen, Kasama is taken. YOU SLAG, NO ONE USES KASAMA AND GETS AWAY WITH IT.

    Thus begun my extensive search for the FAKE KASAMA.

    Armed with the name Enero, I begin my journey to unlock some stupid ally center? Spamming through menus and so forth, getting upgrades, killing skeletal and elvish beasts.

    Ez pz.

    Find Kasama, some random that doesn't even use Heckfire forums, rip.

    Not interested enough to pursue further.

    Uninstall app

    2/10 do not recommend

    Also if you have some presence within KaW, ensure you have your name saved in Heckfire. Otherwise, impersonators.

    Edit:Oh and I still haven't received my damn throne T_T
  2. It’s a great game that builds on the strengths of kaw for a more up to date war game.

    8/10 imo

    It will be around long after kaw and is what ata is putting their money into.
  3. Still no throne here either. I even restarted the app and my phone.
  4. ^They'll release em on the first or some some.

    Gotta be patient, I guess amigo.
  5. I’ll pass too. I played GaW and got screwed. Can’t let my heart get broken again :(
  6. If you're still active and actually want a throne for furnish complete, might as well download a quick lil meme.

    But hey, do you fam.
  7. the kasama on koh is pretty quite-_-
  8. Luckily for me, names have to be at least 4 letters, so I can’t use cow. Fun stuff. My name is cows.
  9. It's a really good game you just don't understand it.
  10. For people stating they haven’t gotten a throne, have you read the picture below? It won’t be ready till the 1st of December, Friday.

    So have patience 
  11. I was a beta.....played for a month really tried hard but it's a massive time consumer there's way to many things u need to do every 30-60mins.......not a game u can play alongside another 3-5 games .....however if I deleted all my other apps as a stand alone it would be good however not as good as other games it's trying to be.

  12. Actually, as a fellow beta, once you get passed beginning researches, buildings and troop training. The game actually becomes almost a set and forget game. But during those longer time frames the PvP aspect comes into play ;-). Based on other games of its kind, in my opinion, its one of best I've played. With a very competitive p2p side and a fairly decent f2p ability as well. With an ever-evolving system, Koh will be around much longer than any other game of its kind. *cough *gow* cough* :)
  14. Ummmm I'm not sure how in-depth I'm allowed to go but the game is more similar to games like Game of War:Fire age, mobile strike and somewhat more recognised Clash of Clans.

    Its these titles that cannot be trumped by a minor addition that doesn't really change much.

    Essentially it's KaW/GoW/PaW/PiMD/Meego (possibly) but with Clash of Clan elements.

    It's cool and all but seems pretty niche.

    Smart for profit though.

    Anyone else see the 10 or so hour timer speed up, can't remember if I saw a day timer.

    Talk about blatent.

    Have a good sleep kiddo cause you'll be needing that before you can progress.

  15. You should listen to Kasama. He played the game for 30 minutes so that would make him an authority on it.

    Koh is better off without him. It's beyond him anyway.
  16. I dl'd and played. Its a fine game, if a bit buggy. Stalled several times & now wont start. Uninstalled & reinstalled ro no avail. Playing on Galaxy S7.
  17. Click on extras and scroll down to clear tech tree. That might fix it.
  18. I also was a beta and the game was pretty impressive from the start. I always liked the format and the characters in KoH have distinct personalities that give the game that extra good vibe that you don’t see in other games like it. It’s also not identical to other games, in the sense that it has a much more entertaining social aspect that helps gives that close-knit bond like in other ATA games. Overall, 5 stars for me to this point.
  19. I dont claim to be an authority, I played longer than 30 mins.

    Dun be so hateful T_T