My Journey without KaW

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  1. It was a morning.

    I awoke to see the dreaded message...

    “your account has been banned for violations of the terms of use”

    My initial reaction was what I imagine some might experience. Confusion, fear, and finally that sweet sweet joy of finally being free from addiction. Hell, i’m 6 months sober from hard drugs and alcohol, and breaking my KaW addiction seemed to be harder. No matter how many dozen retirement threads I wrote, I always had a withdrawal.

    But then, the perfect reason came for me to finally break free. However, the journey would not be easy.

    Phase 1: The First Day

    Fear of Life : 10,000,000/10,000,000
    Scared to Move On : 15,000,000/15,000,000
    Lack of a Wallet Because of Chimes : 69,000,000,000/69,000,000,00

    This first phase was easily the most difficult. As I spent my days wandering through the abyss of nothingness, with seemingly no purpose for life... i contemplated life. Life is a purposeful journey, right? Or are we without purpose? Who are we here? What are we here? When are we here? Where are we are? How are we here?

    The basic questions you ask. Phew, that was scary. I settled on “idk” and moved on to the next stage of countering addiction.

    Phase 2: Feeling of Freedom

    Boredom : Max Health
    Boredom : 100/100 premium items
    Boredom : No money

    This was tough. What was I to do now that I was free? And thus, I feel back into phase 1 as I failed the second bar of phase 2.

    Phase 1b: Rally

    Messaging all my mod friends : 3/3
    Messaging all my friends : 50/50
    Annoying ATA on Twitter : PEAK/ANNOYANCE

    As I rallied my friends and twitter thumbs, readying to fight for my freedom from freedom, I realized my friends and thumbs will never fail me. I am proud to be one of them. I love them all.

    Thank you everyone for rallying behind me, you know who you are. <3 no need to worry. Snoopy, StarFox, Nate (all my ex names, not alts okay chill)... has returned. Ily.

    Snoops/StarFox out
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  2. Yesss, welcome back baby😍😍♥️Missed you
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