My house is haunted

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  1. Okay so this sounds really silly, but I was making biscuits and gravy today. I put in the biscuits in the oven. There was exactly 8, because I put them 4x2 on the sheet, so 8 exactly and also I vividly remember there being 8, even says so on the package. I checked on them to see if they were done and then 3 minutes later I went to pull them out and there were only 7! The one on the bottom right was missing! I told my fiancé and asked if there has been any ghost in the house (we’re staying at her parents house and she’s lived here for about 4 years.) she told me yes that she has seen a ghost in the house, that where they usually put their Christmas tree in the corner of the house that she’s seen woman there when she was home alone, standing in front of the chest and tree.( and she’s seen many ghost so I know she wasn’t lying). I’m just a little shocked because I’ve never experience anything like this. I just am kinda scared and she said that it’s never done anything mean or bad, but it’s just spooky and I’m scared of ghosts (seen too many scary movies) Anyways, what do I do about this?

    Edit: I’ve seen some things online that say ghosts will visit you in your dreams to try to introduce themselves. Well a few nights ago (like a week) I had a very vivid dream (honestly a nightmare) and I was laying in my bed with my fiancé and I had just woken up or something and a light turned on in my house and I told my fiancé “did you just see that light turn on!!” And she just said something like yea it’s fine don’t worry about it and then next thing I know a woman came into our room screaming like she was gonna hurt us and I my fiancé woke me up because I was screaming in real life.

    I don’t know, I’m just a little freaked out now and it’s just eerie and unsettling.
  2. Burn sage around the house if your really worried.
  3. Yeah, I think these are just premarriage jitters pal.

    :lol: :ugeek:

  4. Bruh but how tf would a whole biscuit go missing ?
  5. During times of great stress i.e. marriage. Your mind can play tricks on you.

    Perhaps it's the universe telling you something or your inner psyche.

    I think the biscuit is a metaphor for your relationship with your future wife.

    You can bite at the cookie, enjoy its sweetness but eventually the cookie disappears and you get married.

    See the connection?

    Marriage = no cookie ):
  6. Burn the house it's the only way to be safe
  7. Support. No house, no problem.
  8. Call in a priest to bless the house. That way you wont be scared. Because like you my house is haunted abd seen stuff.. And every time i play video games theres a shadoey figure watching me. When i turn its gone ;( spooky
  9. maybe you were high as a kite and ate it
  11. It's funny that your first thought after a biscuit went missing was ghost.
  12. Sounds like you have termites...