My Honest Review of Vampys Retreat

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  1. H0t tub runs constant hte with for the most part no longer than 15 min wait for seals, the ebs run at a decent pace where they arent to fast, and the admins and owner here actually seal and do their job well. Not sure how the clans a joke but been here for 2 1/2 months with no problems..
  2. What are you talking about? What Six Gal passes? What even is a Gal pass?

    I noticed you said nothing of you on the borderline of stepping down as admin.. lol
  3. I noticed you said nothing of you on the borderline of stepping down as admin.. lol
  4. You know instead of quoting the same paragraph you can just edit in what you want to say in the first quote you made instead of another post, being super butthurt.

    But hey post counting noobs be post counting.

    Edit: edit out the quote then you can delete it.
  5. Done, cant delete comment or i would, will take that into count next time i reply
  6. Airys sanctuary was the mother of all h.t.e clans . i don't understand or do h.t.e clans to me seal in your own home clan .But when it was open it was the place to be and done a good service because airy received lots of love every time she shows up in WC.
  7. this is review for vampys retreat, not airys sanctuary lol
  8. update:
    have been kicked for posting my complaint, that was encouraged by the admins

    Will be farming all VR members until further notice
  9. I've been here for a little over a week or so and so far haven't had any problems. The only issue I myself see is that yeah, sometimes the sealer doesn't get to max xtal in time because of how fast the eb is, but I suppose that's the price you pay for not having a xtal rule and being able to max any time you want.

    That's pretty much it. I'm honestly not active enough in clan chat to have noticed any other issues.
  10. Something tells me you don't think the clan is so/so.
  11. Seems unfair to the who actually seal for a pass.
  12. Lol "will be farming all Vr members"

    "So so clan"
  13. it is so/so, theres enough thirsty people sealing for vampy to keep it running
  14. You'll be farming all except me u mean, come get some I love vr
  15. nope
  16. I can't help but laugh. For starters every HTE clan is the same. Every HTE clan will be full of admins that don't seal and an owner that never seals. Why? Because they don't have too. There are enough clan hoppers in WC to facilitate them leaching off your dollar. Instead of crying about it get some clan loyalty. There are a lot of good clans out there that will go seal for seal with you. You might not do b2b HTE in said clans but you will get your money's worth and have clan members to grow with.
  17. Man I forgot how much I loved watching internet drama unfold. As Green_Echo points out, gain some clan loyalty if it bothers you so much.
  18. I remember when the issue was HTE clans. Now it's how good HTE is. If you want to get the most then run HTE in a smaller family clan with many dedicated to HTE. most big clans stopped running HTE cause its not worth it.
  19. Omfg lol i do ded
  20. That's a bold statement. Tell that to my Credit Card bill. As one of the owners of HOTS, I spend far more than most sealers, and I also require admin to help with seals in slow times. So please don't lump us all together, if you don't know every B2B HTE clan. Thanks.