My Feedback for Future Events

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  1. So with the recent Patron Saints of War event, there's been a lot of requests to shorten the PvP side of it. Monster inferred with Community about the issue on his thread. Community replied with a no. That's understandable.


    PvP events in the future should be 5-7 days long. It's an insane amount of effort to stay in high ranking positions. Lack of sleep and constant phone attention takes time away from life. After all, KaW is supposed to be a casual game.

    PvE needs to be longer, but more infrequent. Past events like the Queztal Hunt and Dragon Melee were great. They made KaW awesome for a long period of time. Puny, two week events back to back suck. It's a money pull from devs. Chill out, and instead of pulling from our pockets, invest it or something. More money in the long run anyway.

    PvP is fun in moderation. OSW is acceptable because you don't have to be on every second of the day. But for the events, if you aren't staying up for 18-20 hours a day in DTW dropping back to back spells or carrying blades all day, you're not gonna get anywhere in the event. Two weeks running on 5 hours of sleep per night is too much.

    We need to be able to appreciate the PvE events more. This will happen by making them more infrequent, and offer more prestigious rewards. We want to savor them, not choke on them.
  2. Just kidding, all very valid points, and from speaking with the Devs by email they seem to have genuinely taken on this feedback.
  3. Definitely agree with all points raised.
  4. Make sword spell and the clan plunder spell permanent.

    Make people lose items from successful Attacks/steals on them. Otherwise pvp is just a plunder war and biggest xtaller will win. I don't care about duration of event, it doesn't really matter. Longer is better.
  5. Reasonable 
  6. As for PvE i agree with Ops
  7. Absolutely agree!!!
    Nice one Seth!
  8. Event junkies everywhere all dancing to ATA'S merry tune, whatever happened to the KAW I got hooked on??
  9. That's exactly the reason for this thread.
  10. Pve and pvp should be separate really if u want to get most participation. I dont believe an opt in spell as well. I dont think they will separate it and thats the reason why they make it as long as the eb event so they can generate money. 1 week duration for either is best. If they scheduled events lets say 2nd week and 4 th week of month then that would help everyone knowa schedule etc so they can plan it rather than just posting and the event is on.
  11. The opt-in spell was introduced for the people who prefer the more casual route of the game, hitting EB's. They don't enjoy PvP as much, and they shouldn't be forced into that situation.

    In my opinion, 2 events in 1 month is ridiculous. It defeats the purpose of savoring the game and it's events.
  12. Yet serves the overall purpose of profit.

    Cynical and unpleasant, but true.

  13. Totally agree with this. No event, but perm sword and spells.
  14. I have a suggestion for this thread, how about having PvP Promos during the weekend, where money is doubled for every hit and steal performed every so often. (Random chance). This would encourage people and give them more incentive to PvP.

    Also, why are all the items in the marketplace for the event for the EB path? There should be some incentive to participate in PvP and there really isn't. Everyone will lean towards the cash cow of the KaW world, HTE.

    I liked the idea of the split paths thing, but let's be honest, 3/4 of KaW are going the PvE route, and the other 1/4 are either involved in an OSW, on the LB, or is just people rebelling against HTE.

    Come on ATA, you were so close to making the first decent event for 2015! Just a little more effort on your part, and people could have liked this event as much as the Dragon Melee.
  15. Just a suggestion.
  16. I auctually agree with you Seth. On a relevant issue! This is unnerving.
  17. Event is cool, no one is forced to pvp and stay awake all night, hahahahahaha. Get a life.
  18. Yeah...