My Dear Friend Chilli

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  1. Many Will ask Questions about this post some will troll, why because that what happens in forums but thread is to show a fighting cause to a dear friend and fellow warrior

    I am writing this because i am looking to show support to a good Friend of mine chillirose who imo has been wrongly perm silenced, yes many will say email support trust me been there did that, but i believe it needs to be shown to devs how much he means to the kaw community not only to the friends he helps when they call but to the hundreds of iwars and primals clans that value his input.

    So i am here to say

    Free Chilli give him back his voice and allow him to help those around him in both the eb world and ee world

    This is for you my friend 
  2. Support

    I fully agree, Chilli has been known to help many people in kaw in both clans for ebs and a lot of times in iwars or primals

  3. this isn't going to help your friend. probably just going to get locked as soon as a mod notices it. its against some rule or another to complain about a players silence.

    tell your friend to email if they feel they were wrongly silenced.
  4. Full support here! Give back chilli's voice!!
  5. no different than posting in wc to free someone when they are silenced there i am simply looking to show my friend that i value him
  6. Support with two hands up. He has been contributing as WC in wars and others. Well, might have some disagreement somewhere with someone on the way...but this is kaw.. We war and things happen.
  7. Chilli is a really great guy and I don't know why he was silenced however as has been said already posting on the forums isn't the way forward, emailing is. Also you do realize that disputing someone elses silence is against the ToU right?

  8. /lock
  9. Im not disputing anything i simply said imo it's wrongly done.I have not question any of there actions i am just saying i think they should see what the community has to say about him not being able to talk
  10. Tell him to speak on one of his other accounts if you're that desperate to speak with him, that being said there's nothing more the community at large can do, he will have to email support, and wait out till he can appeal and have it repealed
  11. If you knew anything about him rikki then you would know all his accounts have been silenced, again im not disputing it i am simply giving a way for his friends and fellow warriors a voice on the matter and our views, Will it do much good.., Most likely not but it's in support of a friend.

  12. Hit him up 3rd party, issue solved
  13. Yes smart one, that i already do but this goes beyond me this affects many of his friends and affects those he does iwars and primals with
  14. Devs cant hear him unless he spends more money

  15. Tried that with my other accounts before lol, more money you spend means you get a month of perm silence. I'm on my 8th on an alt account, oddly enough have been sent a mod request that I declined. I kinda gave them a list of stuff they didn't filter, I feel responsible for the blanks when you cuss now.
  16. Support 100% need in cc
  17. Always full Support... Free chilli
  18. I promise not to troll.
  19. How was he wrongly silenced?
  20. 100% Support
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