my correspondence with a scammer

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  1. I actually laughed at this...and I may have wet myself but moose you are the man/moose
  2. @Monkey_Admin he ate Mr Lumpy Moose's iPad and they were using Silver Moose's iPad.
  3. Anybody who believes these scams deserves to be scammed.
  4. i'm actually surprised i read this whole thing... but it was definitely worth it! :lol:
  5. Good show, Moose! And welcome back, Jesus! 
  6. But wait.. How was this a scam?

    I just saw a heart-rending plea, and honest sympathy and regret.
    Gosh, if it wasn't real life, you'd have won multiple oscars.
  7. ever had a conversation with an AI?

    Says the most weirdest stuff....
  8. Lagging...not cool.

    Moose Sympathy? Cool.
  9. Very funny
  10. (Lmao if it wasn't clear enough ;)
  11. Hilarious 
  12. Wait... Is this silver moose, or Dr. Lumpy moose?
  13. I was laughing my ass off and I like Twinkies too
  14. Spaghetti monsters named Bob?

    Bad patch of mushrooms, buddy? OMG, that was hilarious!
  15. I got this messages before.
  16. You've never heard of the most glorious religion in all the world?
  17. If I played with each scammer that is in my email box, I wouldn't have time to play here...... Good stuff though ! lol
  18. Clearly our dear sister "bergert blessing" is a democrat......