my correspondence with a scammer

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  1. moose u really outta have this published. Your sincere responses moved me to tears.
    Sincerely Mr Blessing.
  2. I thought u were a moose not a troll lol hilarious I think she went in surgery and died
  3. Lol moose you rock!
  4. Bump for epicness
  5. Not that this wasn't a funny read, but isn't it usually frowned upon to bump threads that have basically died?
  6. The mass of newbies/noobs swamping the forums don't care. :/
  7. ^ Good point.
  8. You've made my day looking at this:3
  9. You never cease to amaze me Moose,  send my regards to your uncle please 
  10. Ahh the times when your were Silvermoose, much better than Judge moose
  11. Lol that's great..I love it! Good going Moose!
  12. :cry: don't ET the Twinkie!!!
  13. Eat** :roll:
  14. :lol: i remember this :lol: such class, such class :lol:
  15. lol: i remember this :lol: such class, such class :lol:
  16. Oops double send sorry
  17. YOU ARE THE MAN!!!!!!!!!! many laughs from that and soon i will attempt my own.