my correspondence with a scammer

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  1. Gold moose this is golde
  2. 
  3. truely a work of art, thank you for cheering up an otherwise boring day :D
  4. Glad I could lend a hoof 
  5. Ha ha moose! Funny!
  6. That was the most disturbing, random and FUNNY thing i have ever read :lol: :lol:
  7. I almost died laughing
  8. LMFAO!!! Moose my friend...u have waaaay too much time on ur hands! I was sure she was gonna go for the Marraige proposal. 
  10. that's great, thanks for the laughThey deserved that!!!
  11. Dr. Lumpy Moose, do u happen to know a certain Professor Cranky Moose? That would be my second cousin on my mom's side(don't ask).
  12. Why did you bump this moose? :|
  13. Wait what just happened?
  14. He must have deleted his post.
  15. Guess so. I was really confused :lol:
  16. .....what kind of doctor ._.
  17. You know what I just realized? You can't be a sister and a widow.
  18. A doctor of...... Uuuummmm well, don't ask stupid questions. He's a doctor dammit! 