my correspondence with a scammer

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  1. I got one similar yesterday but only for 5 mil, hardly worth my time.

    I'd post my reply but it would probably put amazing images into minors minds cause spontaneous bleeding from eyes and ears.
  2. "Please be my wife so the money stays in the family" LOL!!!
  3. LMFAO!! I laughed so hard! :lol: :lol:
  4. Hahahaha :lol:
  5. Now I kind of wish I got emailed by scammers. I love how there was a whole paragraph that was one long run on sentence. The person sounded desperate to get all your info. Funny read.
  6. Normally I would say Tl:dr but I actually read the whole thing.

  7. You can make a seperate email and post on some website sharing stuff. The scammers search for emails online and your email come up wherever you post it. They get your email and send a scam letter saying you won like a billion dollars. After that you can waste their time and make them do a lot of stuff. Theyre really not too bright.
  8. Haha thank you homedawg
  9. "I cannot afford such luxuries such as a phone or iPad"

    Signature: "sent from my iPad"

  10. Didnt even notice that my first two reads. :lol:
  11. Lol some people fall for these.
    There was this guy who was selling this motor bike for 4000$

    Another person contacted him saying he wanted the bike but had a 10k check that he could nt split and then says if the seller gives him the 6k he ll sen the check in the mail.

    The seller became 6k poorer the scammer 6k richer. Some people are just dumb 
  12. Everyone in my living room is staring at me, wondering why I'm cracking up :lol:
  13. Lmfao so funny :)
  14. MOOSE
    My thanks for this amazing laugh you have shared with us. When I return from surgery ( after having split my sides ) I shall endeavour to send a contribution towards the spaghetti.
    Sorry not the republicans.
    My only complaint would be this. Now you have shared this with us. What do you have lined up for your Christmas gift to kaw. The joy of laughter provided by this thread would surely of been an awesome gift to give