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  1. hello i am applying for the position of moderator here are a few key points that prove i am worthy of such positon

    first off im basically awesome

    also im super good at writing threads so like i can write some eb guide threads like chocolate or something maybe

    also im very good at speaker management. i have a schedule that will allow me to get the most out of my speakers each day.

    i am a hansel and everyone knows hansels are overpowered so i will be able to protect the ATA clan and their accounts against unlawful intruders like roni or swabia

    i have much experience with talking out of my ass kinda like certain mods do day to day so you have that to look forward to if you decide to promote me (name starts with a hyphen)

    ive only been silenced once before and that was by bob so it doesnt really count

    ive played this game for like a few years now (different accounts, obviously. -.-) so i know pretty much everything.

    did i mention im awesome?

    also i have literally nothing else to do with my life, which is why anyone becomes a mod so i will be able to stalk wc 24/7 and ban dem rulebreakerz. fyi that means silence the insubordinates

    my brother is an ape

    free bananas?

    might i remind you that i have recently acquired enough scrolls to enchant my mesmeric ring relic which may prove my worth

    do you ever get those hateful messages where people say on your wall like "lul noob ik your timezone better stay up tonight?" say no more. anyone who posts hateful messages to my wall will get banned your welcome

    please hire me for mod ty
  2. Moderators are not hired. Moderators are volunteers
  3. well they gots to pay me thats how gud i am
  4. Agreed.

    Mods will lock this and not realize you're trolling.

    Haters will support lock.

    But I am a lover and I love you.
  7. Support #Lone4Mod2K16
  8. Support
  9. Hi - thanks for your application!

    Please wait patiently as the soupart team review your application.
  11. dont repeat what your mother said to you as a child

    #Owned #SitDown