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  1. Hey forumer's, I just read a post about someone who wanted to understand why people bully...I can tell you one answer and explain why people view online behaviour as less impactual on people then in rl or I can answer you by explaining what happens in life that makes people continue a negative cycle of actions but those kind of answers aren't what i've found more recently to be part of that cycle...I've experienced some big changes in my life recently and want to answer that question by saying what could be a positive thing is important... I don't believe anyone should be expected and to see things the way I do or share my feelings about things. I've learned I've spent alot of my life trying to learn how I can stop people suffering but I haven't spent much of my life learning about what I can do to try and help others feel contented.
    I try not to judge others and that's not always easy but what I've found I want isn't an easy thing, I want to help you, whoever you are that is reading this now. I want to help all people however I'm able. I've been afraid to be honest and say that to so many people in my life and as funny as that might sound or not I still want to help. You might be able to help me get what I want by not repeating a cycle. You might help me by simply taking the time to think about what I'm saying.
    How can we feel positive about our lives if we don't take the time to do positive things and just spend time avoiding negatives that might occur?
    I'll try to do my best from now on to help others get what they want to feel positive, I'll live in the moment and care more about you and how you feel and each and every person I come across out there, If anyone wants the same thing then hey, high 5 and maybe we'll meet someday not knowing we ever interacted on kaw and help each other. Maybe we'll smile when we greet each other and feel in that abit more content that day...maybe we'll be friends one day and laugh and remember how we helped all those people out there together or even just that 1 other and feel positive about that...idk what will happen but I'll do my best to help more positive happen. Thanks for reading and peace to you and those you care about.
  2. What ?? Lost me there. You just rambled on about not judging people.

    Listen there are some ppl on forums that are to weak and thin skinned. They get their feelings hurt because others don’t agree with them. Here is a positive note. If you can’t figure out you’re being trolled and get upset about it then you clearly lost the game of forumers aka GoF

    There isn’t any bullying going on here...if you feel that way there is an easy way to deal with it....don’t click the reply tab. Better yet don’t start the KaW app then your problem solved.
    We talk about your mom, we twist your words, and we hold you responsible for your lack luster performance in GoF. Hey blame me I can take it
  3. I dont think you made any points in that.
  4. Should maybe lay off the drugs
  5. Jerry!! Jerry !!! Jerry!!!

    Oh not That show Here...

    Living positive under the worst storm Is the path to happiness, you have the keys And the road God sends your way... Keep smilling And Pray for Those inneed.. Cheees
  6. Wow someone actually read my thread. That's cool:)
  7. Not yours
  8. Is Kaws Thread but thank your for Sharing!
  9. I got maybe two sentences in and gave up. Are you Trump? Cause you just built a wall of text. Yikes.
  10. Proper punctuation and spacing would make this so much easier to read.
  11. Ahhh .... fresh tears , nothing better
  12. thanks for sharing your views all, some very interesting and different points made...thanks for taking the time out of your day to show others your differences in perception... my life wouldn't be as great as it is without you all in it :)
  13. & it's no probs Guy, happy i had the chance to :)
  14. well said indeed... i always thought that direction of perception was whooey tbh lol, i'd never felt inclined to believe or not believe in anything and spent much of much life in study towards the greater meanings of existence and non-existence both with the real, imagined, null value and null identical value sets included. But recently i have found out, through various studies including philosophy, linguistics, music, higher mathematics, physics, geography, theology, history, politics, sociology, psychology, physiology, biology and chemistry and arts among many others, recently, after extensive research work, i've been given a reason to believe for the first time in my close to 30 years within this body. i've done alot of theoretical work and experimentation influenced with a priority in perceptual changes, i've been paid and volunteered to do low skill and higher specific skill jobs in many differemt field too... amd i know it may sound wierd but i think i've found an answer that ties them all together and subjects like love, God and emotional which once had very low wieghts to me suddenly became essential components. In my current view God can only stand for the Good of Differentiation from my work but I expect nobody to have faith or be inclined towards the same linear perceptual sets...indeed what i found the most significant factors prohibiting me were my previous enforcements of perceptual sets maintainimg set orders of linear time...once i opened up my eyes mathematically too higher dimensional sets everything else started falling into place but too explain it within linear limits is quite hard using only one non-universal language so I won't invite any to believe me ofcourse...i can say I wish the best for everyone though now whole-spiritedly, whole-bodied and whole-mindedly within the past, present and the future and from those moments within those moments. Peace & Love All :)
  15. Holy run on sentences, Batman!
  16. #iliketotypedeadbabiesinthebingsearchbar
  17. There's an underlying culture of forumers who want to forum, then everyone else. Good luck mr kill bill and the guy
  18. What if... I dont want to be helped?

    Could be I'm quite content being bonkers?
    Did you ever think of that before going around willy nilly pushing your normality on ppl? Hmmm!?

    And whats all this about not judging?
    Well not to judge, but who are you to judge the judgers with your non judgeyness shenanigans!

    Judge away I say!

    As for understanding ppl. Well, some ppl can't be understood. Like Kanye West.
    No matter how much or how hard anyone tries to understand him, no one can... Not even Mr T :(

    Alas, my custard is ready, so I shall bid you adieu and forget this ever took place, because THATS the way I roll!! :D