My 1999 dodge ram pickup

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  1. Just wondering if any of you mechanics or car junkies can help me out. My gas milage is rather low and not sure what it could be. I looked it up and the most popular problems week dirty oxygen sensors and bad spark plugs.

    If yall get help that'd be sweet
  2. Could be that it's a 1999 Dade ram pickup...........Probably high mileage. Those could be part of the issue. Probably could use a major tune up. Bout the best I could give ya. If it was a military humvee I could probably help you more......
  3. Have you had it long enough to know what it's normal gas mileage should be? 20-25 miles per gallon would be pretty good for most trucks.
  4. You'd be lucky to get 17 mpg from a 99 with the 360. Tune up to include plugs, wires, clean the throttle body, injectors and check your codes for O2 sensor issues or any other for that matter. Basically it's old and never had great fuel mileage (by today's standards) to begin with. Good luck
  5. That wouldn't be pretty good....that would be a miracle for a 99 dodge....i have an 01 dodge with the 5.9 v8 it doesn't get close to 20 ever
  6. If it was an attack helicopter with dual capacitors, and an alternating flux modulator I could help more sorry.
    Beat that Ace
  7. A good tune up? Air filter, fuel filter, change liquids, spark plugs, wires or coils, better gas I don't know what kind you get. Tire psi right, like the other guy said scan the computers
  8. •First off, you never drive a dodge pickup with a gas burner in it. They get the worst fuel mileage out of anything aside from a hummer. If you want a dodge, you get a diesel and get about the same mileage (15-17 mpg not towing) with more durability. If you want a gas burner, go Ford or Chevy. Dodge has better diesel fuel mileage; Ford has better gas fuel mileage (and more hp for their powerstroke diesel)

    •Secondly, its a '99. Its time to trade it in for a few years newer. Its literally a 17 year old truck. Its had wear and tear. I highly doubt you took it in for an oil change every 3,000 miles like they're supposed to be taken so that could have something to with it - wear and tear.

    •Thirdly, and probably the most helpful since its being repeated, get a new truck. As its 17 years old and probably has close to 200k miles as a gas burner, it'll be going out on you soon unless you want to completely replace the truck part by part.

    Coming from a Dodge driver since '04. Cummins > Hemi as far as dodge pickups go.

    If you want a gas burner, please read the first bullet (last sentence) again.
  9. Buy a landrover, they go on forever lol
  10. Buy a fiat 500, propa man car, eats a Dodge Ram any day of the week
  11. In addition to all the previous helpful tune up type advice the others told you, Ensure your tires are properly inflated to max psi. Depending on what state or country it could also be the additives that are being mixed into the fuel. California mandates all fuel to have a "SUMMER BLEND" which suck the performance right out of most vehicles.
    99 Dodge I would likely see between 5-10 mpg due to a lead foot and my love of fossil fuels burning. If your anything like me better gas mileage comes at a cost....driving like a tree hugging hippy or worst a old lady who can barely see over the steering wheel while playing KAW.
    Come to think of it you could chop the cab and remove the entire bed. Remove all non aero dynamic pieces such as passenger side mirror( if you have a interior drive mirror of course) 200 mile per hour tape all air pockets and lines around the truck. Lower the truck onto the frame cut some springs or install a drop kit.(Slam it) remove all nonessential interior parts including but not limited to door panels, seats,radio ect. Window glass also weights a good bit too. Put on some smoothie hub caps often found on world record speed cars
  12. Completely remove your drive train and replace it with a all electric one. See (how to videos) for easy to follow instructions. On the cheap a used electric fork lift motor and a boat load of laptop batteries can do the trick. Good luck slacker!
  13. this is by far the best gas mileage trick....with a few mods u can have a beast.cvt &25hp electric motor can do wonders(havent u ever watched junkyard wars?). personally I'd love a dodge truck to rebuild,is it for sale? i can only offer my mint condition nes as a fair trade though. btw if u listen to these people before death u may wanna overinflate your tires.they can hold 75psi easily,lil rougher ride but gas mileage improves dramatically.....another tip is keep ur foot of the gas pedal,a simple heavy spring can keep a lead foot up.....learn to coast before stopping & accelerating slowly can amaze even the best of us w fuel consumption.....well hope it helped,enjoy that dodge
  14. Try driving downhill only, wherever you go.
    It's a 99 Dodge Ram. Lucky to get 12-15 if it's a gas engine. Much better if its diesel
  15. I love my dodges but you have to feed a dodge. My 88 d100 only got 9mpg. 90s probably best mpg around 15-16mpg
  16. Don't forget spinning hubcaps..

  17. My suzki sidekick is 24 years old and still gets 27 to 30 mpg and has 500000miles

  18. Agree, with all but the third (unsure how he takes care of his vehicles. I pamper all of mine and have had every single one last 300k+ (all 85-01
  19. Most have been diesels which were drove until 250k-300k miles then sold.

  20. This, plus I run some SeaFoam in my fuel tank to clean up carbon from the pistons and valves.

    I drive an 01 Chevy silverado 2500HD 6.0 v8 which tops at 15mpg highway. Just do regular maintenance and that's all you can do besides putting in mods. Good luck and I agree with diesel being the only dodge to buy. Those C.ummins are stout!