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  1. When u pin 75 ppl in wc with only 19 xtals...

    That's all. Carry on, dweebers.
    Just staying relevant as I concoct a plan to take over. Enjoy dat butt gif.
  2. Ur so cool, one day I hope to be just as good at clicking buttons on my smartphone.
  3. They burned 19 of your xtals just by posting in WC- whos the real winner? ;)
  4. I did it over a Motorola pager so...
  5. Lies.....stop making up lies u big fat lier.

    Ps still didn't beat my record of 76 accounts with 18 xtals
  6. It's only a record if you can prove it
  7. It doesn't count unless you zero them
  8. Try that when they're inactive and not pinning themselves or not close to pin already

    Anyone could do the same thing with no xstals with enough time
  9. Got to love pinning people who are inactive...
  10. That REALLY pisses em off
  11. When you are dumping on someone who is active,

    1 they're probably not full
    2 they're going to self pin for defense or dump on the attacker

    If they are inactive

    1 they're full troops
    2 they're not going to self pin or fight back in real time

    It would take 70 crystals to pin 74 inactive targets
  12. Pssssh.. that's nothing..

    I once did it with a carrier pigeon..

  13. Carrier pigeon. Ok you win, bro.
    Thats some serious KaWing rt!
  14. What butt? :lol: