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  1. Nahm usual rant to feel important
  2. KOT's normal trolling to feel like he is actually funny. Its ironic how all the failed osw clan leaders come together after they get pounded
  3. Nahm still talking bout the time he ran from Kings
  4. Ran... thats cute. I farmed musang the entire time i was at veritas. He even cried to clan leaders about it. I will farm him wherever i go, no matter what clan im ever in. And it was cute when new age told musang to stop and he did. So i just continued to farm him and his useless alts
  5. And grym... you still crying about being booted from last years men vs. women war, your opinion isnt close to relevant by any mans standards
  6. :lol: :lol: OP so butthurt please call a WAAAHHHHHHMMBULANCE!!!!!!! Must be queen Forrest Gump period :D :D
  7. Meanwhile, where's your ability to ever say something intelligent and insightful?
  8. Nahm ran from Kings osw. Then ran from Veri war. 
  9. YO!! ! Bruh where is your online girlfriend SexyVix? :lol: :lol: You missed her thats why you sooooo BUTTHURT and cry here in forum :lol: :lol:
  10. No one even hit me when i was at veri, it was just like warring idd. Hahahaha. And by your own definition kot, you ran from every war you ever been in
  11. Musang its so cute when you use multiple accounts to make it look like you actually have support. Yur CC at IDD must be interesting
  12. YO!!!! Mr_Butthurt_Queen_Forrest_Gump when you going to strip me with my MP :lol: :lol: Your alt 007 naked on the beach :lol: :lol: I guess thats why you cry her in forum :roll:
  13. Also kot... i went to veri after IDD was dead, and twicc rage quit, what was i running from? A dead ass clan and the newbs agers that took in musang and dont support his idiocy?
  14. Musang wheres the 60 accounts that once followed you? Where did your clan go? You ran to newbs age to freeload, and you claim im a runner? Your logic is magnificent
  15. OP sir will you strip me too with my MP?
  16. IDD? Or NA?

    New Age is really good. Absorbed BAR, Pure Evil, and now IDD. Still 1 clan.
  17. NA is so kind and generous to allow IDD to come and freeload!
    What a good clan!
  18. My main is somewhere in KiP, laughing at Awen complaining of nf full of Cambji, then making a new thread right after.
  19. By IDD you mean 4 people and musangs alts right
  20. Guys keep this a secret. NA members gifting Musang itunes card . Musang the best freeloader. Musang doesnt even use them You guys wished you are as good as him. Please dont tell anyone :lol: :lol: . Anyway please strip me with my MP allies.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.