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  1. Im sure everyone is aware of the constant stupidity flowing from poor musangs mouth. This post exists purely for us to sit back and laugh at his attempts to feel important. Since everyone bailed on him at his precious Immortal death dealers he has continued to try to feel important to no avail. His constant trash talk of other existing osw clans is his way to feel like hes still relevant. The one important factor is he has no osw clan anymore. Keep in mind that whenever he trys to critique another osw clans actions or strategies, that he single handedly destroyed his clan by horrible leadership, and endless crying. RIP IDD AND MUSANGS INFLATED EGO.
  2. Inflated*
  3. *nods and agrees aimlessly*
  4. That is some serious chest beating rage... he's got well under your skin :/
  5. Sounds kinda like you're mad/salty.
  6. Only the dumbest of dumb mistake pure comedy for anger
  7. Support, also wanna make out ?
  8. Totally
  9. Nice opening statement OP, awaiting his rebuttal and the inevitable poo flinging.
  10. Nice job, Musang. You've caused another random player to have an entertaining rage!
  11. That's not even what this is. Also sorry we can't take anyone in Lsa seriously 
  12. This
  13. You clearly never heard me rage
  14. Meanwhile, where's IDD?
  15. IDD is gone along with musangs pride
  16. IDD isn't gone. The great, and the best, has joined the best of New Age, into a single lethal OSW clan.
    8 OSW clans turned into 1, that's the selection of the best of the best!
  17. Meanwhile, where's your main ?
  18. Musang is stupid.

    It is known.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.