Musang the KAW butthurt collector

Discussion in 'Wars' started by _____________MuSaNg______IDD__, Apr 25, 2019.

  1. WTF pounded? You are just mad you lost all your account. Hitting me 4 times every two days I doubt that’s pounded 

  2. The grammar is strong with this one.
  3. He is actually making an effort to learn the language and he has improved significantly.

    More than what I can say for native english speakers, if only he created threads that weren't always hate threads. Maybe we'd see less jerks picking on someone's attempt at a second language.
  4. In the philippines english is taught in pre school, yes its not their first language but poostain obviously isnt a very good learner. He would have the same standard as a 13 year old school boy
  5. Dear Pusang,

    Why would I spend money on kaw when my account i haven't grown in 3 years can still easily farm the top 10 cr at newbs age? For the last 3 years of steadfast kaw determination you and your clan of alts is still useless. Tell twicc to get out his wallet again and help his newbs out.

    Your arch nemesis,
  6. Nahm if you need to grow I can open smiley as ps for you. Least I can help after I destroyed your accounts and your girl friends accounts to reset and left you I still believe those can money you should use to buy seals and xtals to grow. I just feel bad hitting you. It’s like kicking a puppy who barks a lot 
  7. Dear Musang,

    If you truly believe you ever actually effected my real life you are much more insane then we all believe you already are.

    Your favorite reminder of IDD's failure,

    P.S - smiley pays me almost 10b a hit on a daily basis, thank you for growing
  8. Dear nahm,

    Why are you always writing a letter?


  9. Dear Kasama,

    I'm not really sure why, I've been smoking alot of shatter lately. If we were to start a crime fighting dynamic duo we could be nahmah and kasama. Crime wouldn't stand a chance.

  10. WOW 10 billion a hit you are making a killing in there. Anyone selling seals let me know I will pay charms for Nahm. Least I can do for what I did to him and his girl friend. I don’t even get it why his girl friend so mad being pinned and strip 24/7. Instead of staying with him. She quit kaw and broke up with him. He must be the most useless boyfriend in real life
  11. Dear Musang,

    You dont have the ability to effect anyones real life. You barely have the ability to effect kaw and you play it 18hrs a day. Living this fantasy of breaking up relationships is very unhealthy by anyones standards. You need a more healthy hobby, try drinking the chemicals under your sink. They may taste funny but I assure you its healthier then the current path you are on.

    Your favorite IDD killer,

    P.S - Everytime IDD fails a war beast an angel gets its wings