Musang the KAW butthurt collector

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  1. You're amazing at banter. Lmao. I'm DRAGON-CODE You toolbag lmao. Tell me more about how awesome you are and that no one talks to you this way. Haha
  2. whoever said your bigs cant hit DC, his hit range should theoretically extend to about 10bcs sooooooo

    EDIT: from CR I can see a mere 1 person is above 10bcs so either a lot of people are clan hopping or someone is lying ;)
  3. But the point is that DC isn't worth hitting. Why hit someone like that? It is like hitting an LSA member. Just laughable
  4. I’m not going to hit dragon butt he’s already crying like I took his donuts  he’s nothing more than a gum flapper not even worthy of my time
  5. made me laugh :lol:
  6. Point proven. Yafail only hit ebs. I bet every osw you sat back, legs and arms crossed and said they aren't worth it. Lol. You're the reason kaw isn't pvp anymore. you got spoiled on nk and you're afraid of confrontation. just sit there and be a lil girl while all of kaw sees you're castrated. Lol
  7. They have rules against osw. If you get into an osw you are kicked. Gotta hit those wb for legends. I've said anything I wanted to them and I've gotten nothing. not that I ever had respect for yafailures. But now I just feel sry for them. NK Weekend is tougher than yafi. And NKW dont fight at all.
  8. A word from a truly fake ass YAFIAN
  9. I had to come take peek an see if fat An loud an his daddy was still here flapping there gums they are 
  10. Musang... why dont you ever add IDD to the lists of clans you killed?

    Your Idol,
  11. When you start spending on seal and xtal to grow. I’m ashamed to myself when I hit you. Too small it’s like online abuse for the handicapped 
  12. GoA I don’t even understand how you get in to YAFAILS? You have no clue how to play this game. Not a single good old YAFIAN even bother to teach you how to play. I don’t know if you are truly stupid or plain cheap ass. You hit very rare then when you do 90% feiled. Yet you don’t stop and rethink how to succeed.
    I give you little advice since you are fun and little funny. When you steal and failed. You stop then scout to empty. Xtal up and try steal again. You do the same when you assassinate when you ass fails 3x you stop. Switch to scout to empty and xtal and ass again. This are common sense on how to play. Scouting all failed no big deal because your goal is to kill spy. Assassination goal is to kill troops that’s why you stop when failing. Stealing goal is to take gold. If you are failing stealing 2x stop and scout to lower opponent spy so you can succeed on your xtal steal. Dumb YAFAILS are the only one left on your team 
  13. Bahahahahaha you just babbling again  feeling the pain huh 
  14. I thought I never attacked nothing but a EB  get your lies straight it’s get embarrassing 
  15. I suck on grammar but you are far worstWho said anything you attack anyone. I said steal and assn. I still can see on my alt nf 15 hours ago you assn my alt 1/16 you won assn out of 16. How do you even comprehend that action
  16. I bet when you close your to sleep Poostain you thinking O god yafi stealing all my gold  an you wake up screaming mommy make GOA quit attacking me  I should change my my name to Yafis Freddy Kruger 
  18. You are no YAFIAN dumbo. You are fake ass YAFIAN with your idiot clowns. Still looking for help against me. Last week YA__Black-Centauriun__FI tried to trick Veritas for help against me. Why not just ask them for help. They will happily help your ass. You have no reputation left to defend. Don’t be ashame you needed help against us. After you beg Apoc for CF. You swallow your pride and crap it out already 
  19. When you’re getting pounded, make a cry thread like this and 10 others.
    Crybabies poostain, dragon code and quigamala should all hold hands and accept the game as it is and maybe use the attack button
  20. Poostain you really need to seek professional help are seeing things An hearing voices that aren’t there just remember before you see him the smelly brown stain goes to the back An inside