Musang the KAW butthurt collector

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  1. You are full of crap again. You should stop using crack. It’s liquefying your brain. You attempted to strip my alt for 400 trillion plus like 9 months ago and failed badly. One of your member pinning my alt by assassination . The other guy hiring allies. So I just hire ally on here and volley junk ally again. I made more gold than I lose. They all junk allies. So when you attempted to strip another NAL player. You have to dropped 400 trillion plus statless allies you toke from my alt. You guys are dumbest strippers. That’s why you don’t strip me cause I have a guardian angel  Every time you attempt to strip my alt. One of my guardian angel YAFI pinned my alt.
  2. It is min blowin this guys claim to b badases an tok tough but there clans r ded. Ded. Not eben a singol yafi clan estans today. Ds is jost a lame ofshoot of their former clans. So sad
  3. That’s it let the butt hurt out you might feel better  but I doubt it  Rub some butt hurt cream on the sore spot twicc ordered it by the case b4 him an the rest of na quit an gave away there dead clan we destroyed a clan destroyer of his own clans 
  4. Can we have a mod sticky this so that mustang doesn’t have to make any more threads about it? As soon as his old one hits the second page he’s back destroying Yafi in some new thread. He post 2x as much as the rest of kaw and sings the same war song from last year or 2015 or something. It’s kinda sad to watch. I would give him a hug but I don’t think it would help.
  5. You don’t really believe Twicc quit are you. His new kid is big enough now he have more time to play. If you pay more attention on Twicc stats. You would noticed he added 3.3 billion CS in last 3 months . You guys are dumbs trying to convinced yourselves Twicc quit. Twicc never quit unless Twicc and I is the same person. I highly doubt we are the same person Just accept the fact Twicc destroyed YAFI with old NAL amazing tracking. Even I’m afraid to cross old NAL. They are the most dedicated and loyal group in the game. I wish I’m half as good player as they are. I’m only a clown on this game. Yet you guys make me look good being the dumbest clowns in KAW
  6. Dud ur clan looks prety ded to me. Ibe bin rannin ful bars on ur chump as clan an no inc bak. I min, at certain point its jost borin eslapin inactibes.
  7. This thread supposed to be a story of other players experienced in kaw. Sadly my butthurt clown fan lady fan boys so butthurt they attacking me.
    This help me practice writing in English. Before KaW shutdown I think I will be able to write far better English grammar 
  8. Butthurt? Your mistaken. I’m trying to do you a favor so you don’t have to slum down the forums anymore than they are. And you and yafi can have an enteral space to trash talk each other. And the mystery of Twicc and go on and on. Is he active? Did he have kids? Have you really been the same person for 10 years and not matured at all? So many questions that have gone unanswered. I’m excited to tune in to the next installment of mustang destroyed yafi and went overboard on the laughing emojis.

  9. I'm not on either side and still can't tell who actually doesn't like who or why anyone is still bothering with this 'war,' but who am I to pass up an opportunity for a meme.

    Reminder to please keep all banter within the ToU though :)
  10.  3.3 million is massive growth 
    Well done, you win
  11. Sorry I meant to write 3.3 billion stats increase on lasd 3 months. I’m still confused with this stats changes.
  12. Well..........Twicc3K most definitely rage quit
  13. I understand you all butthurt Twicc destroyed YAFAILS. Then again YAFAILS become a joke after -appleseeds- forced to toke over YAFI council after he was handing out links for haunting 
  14. troppus
  15. Your only claim to fame is twicc quitting? Everyone tells me to grow. And yet I'm within hit ranges,still get no inc. That's why yafi could never make a comeback. You can't strike fear if you're all mouth. Not speaking of you personally sinan. Talking about the 4 yafail that didn't get banned that run their mouths
  16. Poor Yafail so butthurt they got DRAGON-CODE forum banned for a day for stating a fact. Yes DC is my main. I'm not using my small alt trying to remain anonymous. I'm telling you exactly who I am :)
  17. NUB!!!!!!!!!
  18. I give credit for Twicc3K rage quit where it’s Vbot. Dang we had a great laugh over that.

    You honestly don’t know crap about any of this. If you were less of a noob you would be able to read the writing on the wall by looking at ally lists etc.

    You seem butthurt about Yafi I guess we stripped ya before or something.

    But bottom line is you are not in hit range of our bigs, you have never done anything to warrant hits other than bump your gums. You are irrelevant and I guess trolling for hits so you can proudly proclaim Yafi hit you once. Good job poo fly. Now go and actually do something of relevance.
  19. Hahaha. you're the only yafail that's ever hit me. So no I've nvr been stripped by the infamous yafail ROWTB gang. So you're saying only your top guys hit? The guys my size just kiss their feet I'm guessing. Be leaders. Not butt kissing followers. This game has truly gone to hell. I started a war over a wc volley. I smack talk you guys all day everyday and all you can do is talk about poo. Kissing butt leave a bad taste in ur mouth? Troll for hits? Have to. Only way to get any inc anymore. I've ran xtls up and down full rosters with no return hits. I'll move onto some one else now that you made it perfectly evident that yafail will take smack talk and degradation and wont do anything about it. Enjoy your ebs. :)
  20. Fats go eat some donuts get a sugar high An come back to fourms an tell everyone why a bad boy you are  ...I’d bet you are Poostains little sister  you both act like key board hillbillies 