Musang the KAW butthurt collector

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  1. You say that. But... you personally cant take down a whole clan. Sinan. You are the real deal. I wont lie. I hit you. You hit back. You're a army of 1 tho mate. I've nvr gotten anything from anyone with yafi tags or dragon secrets. I'll take the inc if there is any. I'm on a personal rl break atm. I expect to see you in my nf. But the rest of the yafail gang is laughable
  2. Rock of obscurity... I have an old inactive alt that I dont even remember then name of that is more relevant than you or PE. I mean you had to put on machine tags just to try and be more than a joke.
  3. This guy truly laughable player. He is pretending to be this guy llIIV-----VAL-3N7iN3-----VlIlI. I made this guy llIIV-----VAL-3N7iN3-----VlIlI reseted 3 times with all his alts. All big talk don’t hit back. Every time I focus on him he quit and reseted. One thing he have in common is not hitting back only talk. If you are so butthurt fan boy. You could try finding that attack, assn, steal and scout button. You are like YAFAILS all big talk I hit your clan for 2 hours non return.
  4. Cool story bro. A legendary alt. Tell me more cupcake. I'm intrigued
  5. I can tell every time we strip Poostain or his alts he come to fourms an writes some butt hurt thread to try an ease the pain  same O same O crap story with no inc just Gum flapping from the dumbest player on kaw 
  6. Tbh I could care less about musang. His typing is atrocious. I just like talking crap to all of these "tough clans" and the only inc I have gotten is from sinan. I'm trying to get ppl riled up and I get no love. Vbot was so worried about growth that he cant touch me. His battle cry... NK Weekend Rules!!! So either you "badasses" put up or shut up. Those are the 2 options
  7. And the only reason little dragon code is on this thread ...Is because he’s got his pom poms An trying out to be head cheer leader for the Poostain fan boy club  an dragon I believe the spandex you wearing is cutting off the blood flow to ya brain 
  8. Dragon grow more b4 running ya pie hole 
  9. And my nf is my you big sissie. here's a crayon. Fetch. Good yaf.. ugh. I said bring me the crayon. Dont eat it. Bad yafail. Shame
  10. I’m open little boy come get ya some  Or you just gonna sit there like ya idol Poostain just flapping ya gums  little boys crack me up 
  11. I called you out Windex king. I've called your whole clan out. What do you do? Pweeeese hit me first cause I cant have anyone see I didnt hit my eb quota. Frickin dealing with a Spechul yafail here. Lmao
  12. You call us out Bahahahahaha you wouldn’t make a good wart on a warriors ass  you couldn’t call out a noob he would hand ya ass to you 
  13. I'm not the fool with big stats afraid to take down someone half his size. Poostain is right. You guys are pathetic. 1/2 or .5 either way I've had no inc and we are getting a lol out of the fact that I can do what I want or say what I want and all u do is come up with some Corky from Life Goes On sounding crap
  14. Is there a Pure Evil i can even hit? Please tell me you have any normal sized accounts that can come back to your pathetic home clan
  15. You and Pure Evil are just Pooh Flies. Want news just join NA, visit them for eb, alliance with them. Or do something more significant than bump gums from a useless account. ️
  16. They could join new age An then call there clan pure crap 
  17. Ah, the good old val thing. Why would I wish to imitate someone I do not even hold in high esteem. Also I mean, I've made Twicc quit. Don't need imitation with that on my Resume. Also I am sure you use line? If so you know what VBot is
  18. I find it hilarious poostain is trying to get help from pure evil who nobody can actually hit cause theyre so tiny 
  19. We still have a clan which we can call home and to be proud. You guys are homeless and leaches on other clan. For tiny us sure thing you begging everywhere for help. You even tried to trick other clan to help you against us. One thing NAL no need any clans help against you clowns 
  20. I don’t help from anyone. If you can’t handle a single player like me. Why would I need help from anyone? You guys join other clan and hit from their clan. When we start hitting other clan for keeping you. You telling them we are bulliesDo you think we care if more clan join your stupid asses. We toke you on to homelessness that’s the truth and sadly funny 