Musang the KAW butthurt collector

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  1. Throughout the years I enjoy playing this game. I seen the good, the bad and the ugly of the game. As a player I learn to adapt to the game changes. I play this game in different spectrum including EB, SWAR, osw and trolling. After this game been out for almost a decade. I would expect most have balls can take incs and learn to deal with them.
    I been collecting butthurt players for years. Most of them cry on walls, WC and forum. They mostly cowards can’t take incs and cries. Majority of them butthurt I collect makes alt to trash talk. They too afraid get hit on a war game that it is closer and closer to its end days.
    I am even amazed my ability to get butthurt what remains of YAFAILS. I wasn’t even around helping NAL destroyed YAFAILS to mass resets
    To all players tell me how do you enjoy this game?
    Tell KaW community how you make players cries.
    Now let the game begins 
    Waiting for my first butthurt fan cries 
  2. Lol you're a jerk man
  3. Support
  4. Talking on an alt proved his point
  5. I think that was the point of his post
  6. Game is this. You Tap, Then Tap, Then Tap until you get bored. :)
  7. Am I the only one who read this in Salty’s voice?
  8. How many threads have you made poking fun at YAFI?

  9. Based on your respond I highly doubt you get it
  10. Poostain talks to highly of himself, i havent seen him in my newsfeed since i cant remember
  11. Ask your boyfriend BC. I start showing up on his newsfeed after the charm nerf. I will be back with you soon. That’s my promised to you. As you can see with this new land the nerf will be regain back sooner than you think
  12. I asked him. He said his newsfeed is as barren as your social life.
    Oh and howcome u had to cry to the mods about my last post in your other fairyland thread? Does the truth sting too much?
  13. Your BC boyfriend lying to you. I just fb him no pots 1 won but the test is showing I can start on him. I need another million CS. I will be winning on him 60% . As you can see you are failing on me a lot now too. That’s why you never tried to attack me before you post. I was fb and waiting for your attack. You never show up so I fb BC
  14. Another thread fishing for attention. NAL hasn't done a strip in years I would guess, most of the members and probably you yourself dont even hit anymore. These threads are just a way for you to try and show an image that you are some mighty warrior that killed a great clan. In reality the thread just comes across as you being in denial that you've lost.
  15. Spot on 
  16. I trash talk yafail all the time and the only inc I got was from sinan the computer programmer for yafi. You run your mouth non stop and nothing comes from it. Climb back under your rock of obscurity and shush it. You claim PE is nothing? PE is more than yafi. NAL is more than yafi. Even the losers at Carnage that are what remain of Zaft are something. Yafi does not exist. Barely ever did.
  17. LOL PE? You guys look so scary  get out of here
  18. Oh wait, PE please give me some inc, poostain is boring me to death
  19. You have more sand than anyone in NA code but your mouth writes checks your butt can’t cover. Your clan should muzzle you. You will eventually get them into something they can’t finish.