multiple accounts one one device feature request

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  1. Wow. You have a lot of free time to agree with me saying I misspoke.

    You just aren’t grasping that I corrected that statement and everyone moved on.

    Yet. Here you are- being very angry and very small- telling me how I felt.

    The eye emoji was bc I hadn’t been to kaw in forever and I was looking in. It wasn’t baiting. I’m not sure your definition of a bait, but it wasn’t.

    To be frank, I didn’t read everything you typed. I’m sure it hurts you that you put forth so much effort and know that no one curs. However, we must push on.

    If you need someone to talk to about your anger issues, pm me. I can suggest some anger management programs that are really helpful. :)
  2. ‘You’re angry’ - because you typed a logical, not emotionally driven argument.

    ‘You have too much time on your hands’ - because you successfully and accurately reasoned a better argument than I did and can.

    ‘Everyone moved on’ - you mean you instantly bit when two of us showed you that you were wrong.

    ‘I didn’t read everything you wrote’ - because your reading comprehension skills are so good? Or because you’re ignorant, because that reeks of ignorance or admitting you got clowned.

    ‘You don’t know how I felt’ - no, but after grade 3 you stop using that argument and realise intent can be derived from actions.

    ‘You put in so much effort to respond to me’ - why would you play to the narrative that I predicted you would? Oh that’s right, reading comprehension skills/ignorance, I forgot that you tried to make being wilfully ignorant sound intelligent.

    ‘u have anger management issues’ - Alright, you hit rock bottom, that’s enough, I’ll give you a rest now this is getting ugly.

    (Also remember when you talked about me throwing words with negative connotations around with no purpose, just re-read what you wrote again. Then look up the definition of hypocrisy. Then never try to engage in any sort of debate or argument ever again.)
  3. Oh you poor, lonely, angry little boy.

    You are pedantically picking apart an argument and flailing aimlessly about something with which I never tried to argue about.

    You have created a bear out of a bush (that’s Shakespeare btw)

    I’m not sure if you’re angry at another girl named belle who hurt you in the past. I’m not her, angry fella. I never hurt you. It’s okay. You can cry. Let out those feelings!

    If you need to get on the internet and lash out wildly and without abandon to make up for the loneliness you feel inside, well, I understand.

    Please. Tell me more about your skewed interpretations, your angry rants.

    I’ve heard of your kind. INCELS.

    It’ll be ok, little fella.
  4. Don't be concerned about Anarchy, he's iG, iG has lots of problems!
  5. Quit necrobumping this old thread
  6. Belle seems oddly similar to Belladonna. Hmmmm
  7. mate in the state the forums are currently in necrobumping is perfectly fine lmao
  8. you're in dkod loooool
  9. I’m in DKoD rn. Therefor DKoD is great.

    Belle_ is my clearly my alt, fools.
  10. So you are in......wait......what Are you in?
  11. not dkod which automatically makes me cooler than you
  12. therefore*

    fenris is ghey
  13. hey wolfie69 just came back from the cemetary ...just got done necro bumping your dead mother :)

  14. This is the return I think we’ve all been waiting for
  15. Devs already on Google telling peeps on reviews to download the game an ask how which is hilarious they got the same as terms of use rules from before the decided to moon light as "hard core pvp* lol what 9year olds know about hard core pvp not a damn thing, get it together devs! adults the majority around here, might wanna stop being cheap an make another server for the kids an ****. So we can hardcore pvp for real!
  16. It’s always fantastic to say you wern’t arguing about something when someone runs rings around you, and then fall back on personal insults.

    It’s the hallmark of intelligence, you’re really great, well done. Although maybe next time, just leave or admit the other person was right, and save embarrassing yourself and exposing your mental deficiency.
  17. Bump! This should be implemented!