multiple accounts one one device feature request

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  1. Support would help activity on my alts an help clan
  2. Devs would only consider this idea if u willing to pay 10 nobs to log in your alts every time lol
  3. 
  4. Wellll I meannnn there's ways to get at least two on an Android simultaneously but if I share publicly I would fear for my life...
  5. There are actually several ways, several different apps, or one could be inclined to get a secondary phone as well. Tether or get near a hotspot if you don't care to pay for a second line. Certain apps create secondary, tertiary, or more "pocket dimensions" in which you can have entirely different segregated accounts and phone numbers. The internet can teach you amazing things....
  6. No support
  7. We used to do this. Then the devs got butthurt and banned people and said it was way illegal and a serious offense.

    One account per device plus one pc acct.
  8. lol i literally run 10 accounts on my one phone
  9. i dont really know tos so it might be against it but cant you use puffin? one account on normal kaw one on puffin
  10. This is the same idiot who made a thread saying they are a new player 
  11. Again.
    1) not an alt
    2) new acct
    3) my only acct.

    I love when people are like “gotcha” and then they realize they just suffer from poor reading comprehension.
  13. Do you struggle with reading comprehension, or even better, comprehending your own thoughts that you then type out?
  14. I don’t know. Do you struggle with my explanation of that comment? Or do you randomly find pieces of quotes to post to try to prove someone wrong without including contextually relevant information or items that have been addressed already?

    1) I’m not an alt
    2) this is a new acct
    3) this is my only acct.
  15. No but you’re the one who is not including contextually relevant information and that’s exactly what this


    You originally claimed to be a new player to KaW. The context of that claim is you are a new player who has never played before.

    Now you’re arguing on the premise and technicality that you’re a “new account” - but aren’t actually new to the game, which is the premise you began with on your other thread to try and prove a point.

    Good attempt, but not really, you’re pathetic.
  16. Lol. Anarchy’s response:
    “no. You are”

    I said I was a new player. I should have clarified that I was a new acct and not an alt, which I did.

    I think editing posts after you misspeak and correct yourself is like cheating. I wasn’t clear. I clarified.

    You got butthurt and tried to find a way to discredit me. Which is lame. Stop being lame.
  17. You mean I did find a way to discredit you, and did.

    You created a bait thread initially, then pretended you were a “new player to KaW” (which is a very specific description) in your pathetic attempt to discredit mods in your second thread, and then got caught out.

    Don’t play the victim once people call you out for being a liar and a hypocrite, it wasn’t a typo, that’s not a typo, it’s intentional.

    Cry me a river, I just want you to know you aren’t nearly as clever as you think you are by arguing on technicalities and trying to change the context of what you deliberately said.
  18. Okay. Here we go, slow head. I’ll break this down so you can wrap yourself around it.

    1) I did not create a bait thread. I asked a legit question. I did not receive a response. I was, however, gifted with a very angwy wittle boy. (That’s you)

    2) I did not pretend to be a new player to kaw. I am a new acct. I am not an alt. I called that “a new player”. When questioned, I immediately responded and clarified my position. It’s not my fault that you can’t follow the thread with coherence.

    3) not trying to discredit mods. Asked a simple question. Met an angry little fella.

    4) never claimed to be a victim. I find that claim offensive. I didn’t lie. Or act hypocritically. Those are just words you decided to thrown in for their negative (but innacurate) connotations.

    5) didn’t say it was a typo. I said I misspoke then clarified. Shrug.... I can only say this so many times before it seems redundant.

    6) I think I’m rather clever. I didn’t do the things you claim. But you’re right. I am clever. Thanks.
  19. Wow you’re bad at this so it’s kind of unfair, but that suits me.

    You created a bait thread when you made your “” thread that got locked. If you had the reading comprehension skills you criticised everyone else for lacking, you’d understand that’s what I referenced by “first thread”.

    You pretended to be a new player to KaW. That is not up for debate. “I am a new player to KaW” (or whatever variation you said, the key being “to KaW”), directly and explicitly states that you (the subject) are new to the game (the object). It’s an extremely easy sentence to understand, and it does not relate even closely to saying “I started a new account”, or “this is a new account.” The reason for that is it doesn’t fit the narrative of you, a new player to the game being bullied away by the big bad moderators; when that isn’t the reality.

    You did lie, or mislead, you choose the term, I don’t really care. You are not a new player to KaW (you are a new account as an already existing player in KaW), that is objectively false and yet you proclaimed it as true; liar.

    You were hypocritical by criticising me for taking things out of context (and we’ve already established I didn’t) when your whole argument in this thread and the other thread with everyone is based on you warping the context of your own words.

    You claimed that you didn’t mean to write that you were “... new to KaW”, I called that idea you making a typo. So if it wasn’t a typo, but you weren’t lying (even though you “misspoke”) ... What story/excuse are you actually running with here?

    You aren’t clever and describing me as “angry” as one of the foundations of your argument particularly proves that. I just had time on my hands and wanted you to show you that your argument is hopeless and can be picked apart easily by anyone who actually had two brain cells to rub together and 10 minutes spare. But yeah sure I’m angry and obsessed with you if that fits your narrative too, turn it up.