Multi-tiered furnishing chests

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  1. Furnishing chests are great, they ade awesome, for 15 nob you can open a chest and get something as low-levelled as a wallpaper to as high as a pet.
    Make them multi-tiered, so that we can separate thrones, weapons, and pets in one furnishing, and the rest in another furnishing box.

    The situation we have right now is that the chests are giving rare or extremely valuable furnishings, and this in turn has led to a massive furniture selling, sometimes with the complete set! This is aided by the fact that keys are given out for completing side legends. This leads to a huge advantage if someone opens up an aeon dragon and asks billions for the pet.

    By having it multi-tiered and ensuring that only keys that are brought with nobs can open the more premium chest, we can help to reduce this sudden influx of inequality in charms and furnishings.
  2. What side legends did you get that drop palace keys? I've only ever seen a single one for free, which was handed out close to palace chest release. All the others I paid nobs for.
    The drop rates out of the palace chest seem balanced enough, I only opened a few and just got walls and banners. No valuable furn drops in the limited amount I opened, which tells me they'remore rare than I'm willing to pay to get.

    We kinda had tiered chests back at last black Friday, the chests that only dropped pets, or only dropped weapons, etc, and the one that could drop any of the exclusives for a reduced price.
  3. That's exactly what I'm talking about, the tiered chests. But consider the fact that Kaw has probably over a hundred thousand players, alts included, the likelihood of a pet dropping grows exponentially with each increasing number of player.
  4. 100000 players? I have a clan holder alt that does 2 warbeast a day for the free chests and ranks around 15k in global legend rankings. There aren’t that many ppl playing
  5. If they change ANYTHING about the palace chest it needs to remove walls/floors/banners. 3 of the last 5 I opened were walls/banners.
  6. OP, the influx has noth iij ng to do with furniture chests. That's the alt game that has always been a problem. It's just that now that they go to level 20, all the set and pet horders are selling them to people trying to actually level furniture now that it's super Overpowered