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  1. So at this point a solid portion of the top 50 most valuable allies are statless or long inactive accounts. It is quickly becoming a one man show of who owns the most expensive dead accounts. Just wanted to hear what the KaW community thought about this.
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  3. There is nothing to support or not support. Just meant to look at the crazy amounts of gold two players have access to.
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  4. Here are a few stats I collected on August 31st regarding this issue:

    Top 10 Value:

    324,031,846,826,424,292 (324Q)

    #11-20 Value:

    160,841,011,484,708,878 (160.8Q)

    #21-30 Value:


    #31-40 Value:

    80,701,331,580,759,894 (80.7Q)

    #41-50 Value:

    68,709,926,409,145,539 (68.7Q)

    Total Top 50:

    743,915,801,997,796,955 (743.9Q)