More Wrath of the Sveruganti series EBs

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  1. I would like to see the devs introduce higher level (and commensurately higher bonus or event item drops) EBs in the Wrath of the Sveruganti series.

    So far, the Lowlands are represented by LOTL, and the Highlands by GOTH. The next one would be a dragon attacking the Hoarfrost, then the Abysmal Lands, then Osmon Rai, with the Deepnine dragon being the highest level - a diabolically difficult premium EB that you must unlock to.

    Anybody else anxious to see the Hoarfrost dragon? Let's have a naming contest for these higher-level dragons!
  2. I think a new free eb would be nice, last one that came out was zoma and I was still quite new when that came out. Hf is the natural progression of the eb series, although difficulty might be difficult to nail down. Don't want to outdo the p2p ebs out of hand, but it still needs to be worthwhile to run over lotl/goth.

    Or maybe we get the hf eb and the abyss eb at once? So two sverungani ebs drop each event item each event.
  3. It’s an anaconda named “your mom” king of the hoarfrost
  4. Id rather see it be a polar bear representation for the Hoarfrost. Not everything needs to be dragons.

    Abyssal can be a big ol shark.
    Osmon is crystalinne so maybe a golem?
    And deepmine can be something not meant to be unburied. Like... a xenomorph.
  5. Support
  6. Having those types would upset the handful of snowflakes that work there...hence the beta fish
  7. Agreed, it doesn't have to be specific of Dragon. There can be various species for future epic battles.
  8. Why more ebs? All people do is run specific ebs such as goth/lotl if more free ebs come out they’ll just hit the new eb instead. We have a good variety already that nobody does.
  9. Support, realistically bigger help players that can't afford to spend massively at hte clans. They aren't hurting anyone & please the masses.