more upgrade castle

Discussion in 'Ideas + Feature Requests' started by Mercenary_Drifter, Aug 12, 2014.

  1. developers it be cool if we could upgrade the Castle depending on which land it is its boring when its always stay the same it be better if we could upgrade it on depending on which land it is 1 Castle for each land with better attack and defense depending on which land it is
  2. Yeah i want a goat on my castle why cant i ug this
  3. Yeah devs!!!! Where are my damn peasants?!?!?
  4. I want people to walk in my village !
  5. Support! I want to have cows and chickens in my village!!
  6. forums admit please delete this lol
  7. Support, i need more resource farms!
  8. Support!!! I need more pubs!!!!
  9. Support! I want everyone to come to the ball in my castle! BYOB. Bring your own bacon.
  10. Can I have a poodle in my castle please.
  11. Support. I want feasts and people walking around on my land. An entry fee of 10 billion will do nicely
  12. Holy crap you repeated yourself so much.
  13. I can't read it
  14. Support only if i can catapult  at the enemy 
  15. I want like a clan building
  16. I want turtles on my castle
  17. Give me fluffy winged bunnies of firey doom devs. I demand this as a semi-paying customer.
  18. Trampolines!
  19. OP never heard of the castle code.
  20. I don't have my club and stage dancers and lasers and big ass speakers and my dj set 