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  1. Hey fellow kawers!
    I and alot of other players thinks we should be allowed to be able to trade other items such as seals, horns, circles, regular and gold chest, crystals, nobs etc, also. ATA should really consider adding that into the trade market. It would really make the trading aspect of the game way more interesting and more appealing. Please give some thought on that and some feedback would really like to know how other player's feel on the subject.
  2. Probably would get the 1k gold chests for trade before anything else but that would stop scammers...Some people offering seals and not fufilling or seal is used then no charms in return...
  3. What we need is a better trade interface and an option to sort your charms/curate your showcase.

    The current trade system is quite rudimentary. Would be nice if there's was a way to select a charm in your contact's showcase and propose a trade from your side for what's selected. So they don't have to go through hundreds of charms and their names to trade.
  4. Support because trading isnt broken enough yet. We need to allow people to get unlimited crux, seals, xtals, circles etc aswell.
  5. Support cause might as well do something that'll make more money amirite
  7. No support. Way too easy to grow an army of piss ant little alts from the crap one decent sized main can gather.
  8. No support people make no sense. Because they have alts and can send their seals to them? Are you an idiot? They just use the seal for themselves on their main and have their alt in the same clan. Why would you send your alt off elsewhere not to profit off of your seal? The main spends it or the alt spends it. It's still the same person who bought it.

    Besides it is easy to trade seals safely. Just offer a pass into gold haven or any other. You seal. If they don't send the charms they don't get the pass you do....

    But yes having the option to send seals would be great. Can buy charms for cash this way. The orginal purchaser either gets a premium eb or a charm from another who doesn't pay cash but no the seal is spent so the buyer will need to purchase more.

    Odd to have less options to spend cash in a game that wants to generate income imo.

    Besides not like the feature is permanent. They can always remove it if it does not increase their profits. Never understood why there is such fear to try a new concept.
  9. I think it would be exploited badly. I think some people on kaw would try to farm and bully people until they traded them seals or circles. I have heard of people being farmed right now until they trade their charms.
  10. That only works if people give up their charms or seals in this manner. Doesn't make much sense to do that when you could pay a heavy hitter the seal instead to farm the one demanding your seal or charms. Can even screen shot it and post it in forums. I am sure a few players would like a sense of honor in dealing with the issue with no cost.

    Everything is tactical. Allowing and giving into corruption or just stop playing for the time being and allow them to waste their time hitting someone who is not even playing. There is a nice sense of knowing that someone is wasting their time.

    As far as loss control during that time. Op your allies, check occasionally to buy bars when he buys an ally. His cost on op allies will be far greater than the rewards he will get.

    Numerous ways of dealing with it. Giving up charms or seals only rewards his time and effort. Makes no sense. Out of all the things to do. Give into the demands of what you disagree with? Be the change you want to see in this world.
  11. Support, just no to the crystals trade, considering all new accounts can get 30 something crystals from quests... will be easy to exploit
  12. I have like 400 chests on alts do you think that would be some sort of a problem?
  13. Not really, because those were hard earned by you, they weren't really free as much as the crystals were