More tokens and bars from events

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  1. Hello Dev's, Kaw Community,

    Let's have a petition to get more rewards from the events.

    I don't pay a penny in game, and I have played for like 6 years. It's very hard to grow unless I go to premium clans and spend a ton..
    I want to stay in a home clan, and I want to grow with my members.

    This can happen only if I get more gold(Pls remove silver bars and make that gold bars).

    I will be honest with you, I can upgrde fatesand once in 2 events and last tier land in 1 event if I hop clans.

    Request if Dev's can look into this matter.
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  2. In all honesty, i started last year mid march and i am a free2play player aswell, yet i managed to get to where i am now having the set i want, decent stats and fair amount of charms. So i do think that free2play players have plenty of chances to grow, ofcourse staying in a home clan slows down progress but thats a choice everyone has to make :)

    I'd also would love to see more benefits for staying in 1 clan but i doubt that would happen. But maybe consider trying war for 1 event, get someone to teach you. After 1 event you have free seals, go to a premium clan, use 2 seals in 1 event and get max legends and easy gold that way.. and you'll grow at a good pace