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  1. Would be nice for that pvp event to come back that we had a few months ago, where u could steal event items from other players, everyone joined it, and something 24/7 like the weekend pvp event it's only weekend something all the time would be nice for those who actually like the pvp side of game, to keep us happy not just the eb fairies
    Sorry they ain't really ideas maybe some others could expand on the idea of something
    Thanks ld
  2. Yes. Game needs a little more variety.
  3. Yes please.

    Devs, have you given up on kaw? Things have been sloppy lately.
  4. Ops what about war?
  5. KaW has become so drab with no road map other than inevitable events ad nauseam.

    Not surprised tbh.

    Simply nothing to get excited about or whet our appetites unless button smashing is it. Bauble collecting and polishing is hardly exciting. All that's to look forward to is element chasing whoopee lets enchant/transmute EQ forever.

  6. GET OUT
  7. Finally devs put a temp solution to "ffa lowland war" by removing top 500. I believe not many will do ffa war after this.
  8. Back in the day, clans fought over reputation and bragging rights. They capitulated to winners and whole empires rose from these conglomerations. There was no "opting" in. Its too bad todays kaw players dont know how much more fun that was than today's chasing after meaningless stats.

  9. Nah, it was just a different kind of stupid. Instead of chasing stats all of you dropped builds and stacked BFE/BFA and rosters. All the changes that happened over the years were due to how messed up it was.
  10. Support and some changes;

    - Items dropped from EB are stole at x2 the rate compared to ones stole via pvp.
    -No opt out option for fairies

    Two simple changes and walla, every fairy in kaw is forced to PvP.
  11. I think back in the day meant early days. Before ebs. Weird to think EE is considered back in the day o.o
  12. Yes, by back in the day, I meant before ebs, before system wars, and hell we can even talk about before there even was a clan system and clans posted their rosters in the forums and organized in third party chat apps. Back in the day refers to a time when getting gold was much more difficult and where clans went to war whenever, however, and for whatever reason. Back when this game was 100x more fun.