More Aqua Drops

Discussion in 'Ideas + Feature Requests' started by -iE_HawKeYe_iE-, Oct 10, 2020.

  1. I sent a ticket to devs and they said to make a forum post so here I am. I just want more aqua drops. I currently have 5k more inferno than Aqua and I’m almost out of aqua from enchanting some equipment.

    Also maybe increase the amount of inferno and aqua we get from each event or EB or something.

  2. Support, a more balanced ratio of drops of both ! Also maybe red yellow blue drops from chests or ebs
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  3. 100% support. There is no reason anymore for aqua to be more rare. Early items upgrades did require more inferno than aqua, but that’s not the case anymore! Just more balance between aqua and inferno drops in EBs would do the trick, I feel.
  4. Support! Also, being able to buy an amount of aqua for gold like we can do with inferno would be nice. 5 xtals for 1 aqua is an absurd price.
  5. As an aside, you can buy both aqua and inferno using trader tokens for a very reasonable cost. If you check semi-regularly, it isn't too pricey to keep them even that way.
  6. Support, make more equal drop rates.