Moose Trivia

Discussion in 'Activities' started by SE-ZTECH-UBK, Feb 8, 2014.

  1. To everyone reading this moose holds a trivia thing in WC an a lot of ads spam WC.To devs could you make another slot for Trivia because a lot of people participate and it is fun hanging out with moose and they others.Troll as you like I know this is a crap post.
  2. Tololololololooopopolopllpplop lol jk support half way
  3. No support. People have come up with a better idea which is ad chat and world chat (for actual talking) and the devs didn't implement it. This don't be implemented either if that one wasn't.
  4. How much trivia can you have about a moose?
  5. Why so many Necro bumps of trash forums? Are you really that pathetic and in need of attention. It's still summer. Get out of your mothers basement for a few hrs. Sheesh
  6. I didn't even realize how old this was 