Moody: A History and a Goodbye

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  1. I know I know. Another Harry Potter reference by the Harry Potter Valiant Knight. Find something new right!

    You may all believe this is unnecessary.

    Many will believe this is self-indulgent.

    Some of you will understand why I had to do it.

    Frankly this is a thread for me to say goodbye. Not from the game entirely but certainly from being a moderator.

    I have played this game for a good number of years, starting on my original account back in Christmas 2010 where it was advertised in a “Free App Advent Calendar”. I played for a bit, but then found the sister app - Future Combat.

    There I made many friend, some of which you may recognise such as ShadyMarine and of course Daphnia - a true powerhouse of a woman who I continue to have a profound respect for and do not contact regularly enough.

    On future combat, I honed my craft as a forummer. I wrote a multitude of guides from the cosmetic bbcode to the mechanics and rewards of missions (quests) and plunder wars as they existed then.

    The game was shut down, and whilst I had continued playing kaw I came to devote my spare time to it. I was the leader of a successful Harry Potter Clan, starting as “Dumbledore’s Army” before becoming “The Auror Office” and finally as “The Leaky Cauldron”

    Eventually I decided I had had enough of clan ownership as the clan was too small to run the high eb rotation and I fancied growing, gave the clan to someone i trusted and merged into 4 Seasons.

    I was happy there with some of my old clan mates until the clan started dying for similar reasons why TLC had closed. Not able to complete heavy EB rotation.

    I moved around a bit, joined a few clans here and there such as Conclave of Shadows, Sucker Punch briefly and of course Champions Corp.

    Throughout all these details of clans, name changes occurred.
    Originally I was “James-Potter”. Then simply “Potter” (as was my fc name), “Luigi” popped in for a bit before coming back to “Alastor-Moody” and now we have the plain and simple Moody.

    I became a moderator in August 2016 and joined the greatest bunch of people I could’ve asked for.

    Mei, Mike and I made up the M-Mods. An excellent superhero trilogy ruined only by the addition of Kezzer :lol:

    The established mods took us in, taught us the ways and sent us out into the game to make it a better place for everyone.

    That’s the aim of the moderators everyone. Not to silence, abuse and control you. It is simply to try and make it a nice place to hang out. If any mod is failing in that task then they should not be there.

    Which is why I have to go from the team. They’re an amazing bunch of people and I won’t list them all because you know who they are. But unfortunately, I have been to inactive to make this place better and so I have to go.

    A couple of special mentions because I hold a lot of love for these people, whether they know it or not. They have all made my life better in one way or another and they deserve that credit.

    Michael - you look after us all, the Dad of the group. You will do anything for any of us and vice verse. Thank you.
    Mei - you lighten up the chats. All of them. Never let anyone push you down, because you keep us all up.
    Dave - genuinely a lovely feller, so so kind.
    Wabbsy - there aren’t enough words here for me to explain how you’re amazing. So I’ll use some Dutch: Je bent het beste konijn en een echte ster.
    Titan_God - keep up your unrelenting standards of trying to make everything better. You strive for nothing other than perfection, the most admirable of goals. Plus you’re just the nicest person.
    [ATA]Marceline - you have so much time for us all as people. You care about how we are, support us in the difficult times and always offer advice when needed. Thank you Marcie. You have such a big impact and I don’t think you know it.
    Kezzer - you’re an idiot. A truly loveable idiot. Keep that up, it makes it fun.

    That’s it folks. Moody has had his final moderatory rant. And I hope you all keep enjoying the game, supporting each other and sometimes - give those volunteers a break, just just want to do some good.


    Moody ️
  2. Thank you Moody. We as a community are sad to see you go as a Mod! You are truly one of the greats. Even tho I dont know you on a game association level, you are truly an awesome person. Thank you!!
  3. Thanks Moody been a pleasure being your friend in kaw for many years. Thank you for the help and advice you gave when I became a mod.

    Its tough balancing RL and Kaw and I wish you all the best.
  4. lol makes retirement thread but says not quitting the game what a loser...nobody cares that your stepping down as mod ....its goid that u are ...mods have helped kill forums by your over moderations.......clown
  5. We'll miss having you on the team, Moody. It was an honor working with you. I wish you all the best in the future that comes.
  6. Thank you for serving the kaw community!
  7. Will miss ya!  and very sad that you are stepping down as mod. Wish you all the best Moody!

    I will put a few carrots in that you come back soon <3
  8. Moody, it’s been a pleasure being both friend and team mate on the mod squad. It does break my heart to see you leave, although I know we will still have you in game so it’s not a total loss.

    It’s been quite fun having you around and seeing all that you have done for the betterment of the game, and also just for having you as a friend. I do hope life takes good care of you and that we get lucky enough to catch you when you’re on here :)
  9. Yes very true.
  10. Yes very true.
  11. Green Moody < Blue Moody
  12. I guess they didn’t let him quit since his name is still green haha
  13. Probably not leave now since didn’t get the reaction he want to his “retire” now not leave because no one care if
    He stay or go so why not stay and scam ppl with Dave some more.
  14. Bye felicia
  15. Moody's empty spot will be hard to fill . There isnt many who can match the respected slot that Moody has earned & left vacant. I reccommend Lonesong and Musang for the job . They would keep worldchat chatter full of laughs and be firm at the same time .
  16. You were a pretty cool mod, thank you for your service Moody