Monster GarBage

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  1. you know, I'm permanently muted so I can't talk in pm or wc. I thought we were friends Death. How could you allow your admin Reaper-of-faith to kick me from the clan after using a xtal on a Goth with only 30% left?

    You guys have never kicked me before and I know you let anyone with 500m+cs hit there. What you did to me was unforgivable and @Reaper-of-Faith , even if I fail every hit, I'm going to use this account to hit you for eternity so I hope uve had fun kawing up until now.

    Unacceptable behavior shame on Monster Garage.
  2. Was it a known rule that crystalling wasn’t allowed there?
  3. Somethings never change😂
  4. Are you aware that you can indeed send PM's while silenced?

    Kicking while active in eb. Absolutely unforgivable. I cannot believe that would ever happen here in KaW. You go @Sinclair, permafarm 'em real good for a week!

    A+ thread, thank you so much MG!
  5. Actually thrawn you're wrong. Every time I open kaw it says I'm permanently silenced and blocked from sending any messages including pm and cc.
  7. If you want to treat people like a pile of crap you will get crapped on. Also hitting members is also not tolerated and farther more your understated to join. So be respectful and you will go farther.

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  8. There is no salvation for your pitiful soul, Reaper. I have been summoned to take you to the underworld. Prepare to feel a life of PAIN and TORMENT until the day you uninstall the app.
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  9. Well this is a hot garbage thread
  10. Your dumb fix your attitude and your pitiful ways. Your just a waste of time. Follow back if your ready to come out of hidding
  11. Pipe down you sick dog while I chop off your snout.
  12. Even your comebacks are childish have a good day kiddo.
  13. Looks like you left monster garage behind. How disloyal. Poor monster garage is even FAILING LOTL now and you left them. This is what you deserve for kicking me from that eb. Let this be a lesson to everyone.
  14. Keep talking smack left on my own accord. Keep talking yourself up kiddo