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  1. The samurai (侍) has origins in the pre-Heian period, being derived from the classical Japanese verbsaburau, meaning to serve or attend. It was not until the early modern period,namely the Azuchi-Momoyama period and early Edo period of the late 16th and early 17th centuries that the word saburai became replaced with samurai. However, by then, the meaning had already long before changed.

    During the era of the rule of the samurai, the earlier term yumitori(bowman) was also used as an honorary title of an accomplished warrior even when swordsmanship had become more important. Japanese archery (kyujutsu), is still strongly associated with the war godHachiman.
    The following terms are related to samurai or the samurai tradition:

    Buke (武家) – A martial house or a member of such a house. Mononofu (もののふ) – An ancient term meaning a warrior.Musha (武者) – A shortened form of bugeisha (武芸者), lit.” martial art man.”Shi (士) – A word roughly meaning “gentleman,” it is sometimes used for samurai, in particular in words such as 武士 (bushiTsuwamono (兵) – An old term for a soldier popularized by Matsuo Bashō in his famoushaiku. Literally meaning “a strong person.”

    Natsugusa ya
    tsuwamono-domo ga
    yume no ato


    Summer grasses,
    All that remains
    Of soldiers’ dreams

    We are recruiting for osw/ee clan.
    Looking for ee war commander
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