Money pit

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  1. Excellent advise here.
  2. That’s why I just stick at my home clan, use everything here. Can’t trust many these days.
  3. Oh man my Fujitsu Microwave Just Burn my 3 dolla pop corn  dammm u Fujitsu I will rally my Avengers team and build a bridge to glory before the rain comes.. or Pay up my pop corn..
  4. Money pit is OK.... needs more admin help that’s for sure...
  5. Can't deny that, though the admins do their best, they just need more manpower
  6. Can you really be mad that you lost money at a clan called money pit? .... I don't really have an opinion either way, I been ther, times were had yada yada ... but still just saying
  8. Having been in and out of Money Pit since it was created I've never had a problem. If you use items at the wrong time (e.g. Items when they are closed in HTE or ZTA) or jump the queue you apologise and usually all is fine. Especially if you offer the droppers some form of recompense because that is screwing them over. (Especially if they've started dropping circles or dropped a seal)

    If you used items at the wrong time and were polite about it you wouldn't get kicked. However if you are rude and start causing drama rather than just accepting you were in the wrong the admins have every right to kick you. Especially after several warnings.

    Fun fact admins aren't customer service, being paid to endure insults etc being thrown. Just normal people who do this on top of a job or education. And likelihood is they won't be in the mood to have someone raging at them. Hence the rule of respecting admins and sealers, they do this in their free time.

    If you go to a cinema and steal a reserved VIP seat then start cussing out staff when they ask you to move, cause problems and ignore warnings they have every right to kick you out. How is this any different?
  9. Horrible clan
  10. If tou dont follow cp and its rules then thats your issue. If you follow cp and rules and then kick then its thier issue. But sounds line you were at fault.

    If you want advice on farming them.. Dont hit admins as they dont care. Hit randoms within clan. That will cause those scragglers to leave and not return. 90% of hte clans are fairies and have zero clue as to return hits so must just run away.

  11. It’s so funny ... I was just telling Ajax the same thing the other day ...
  12. Rules are rules.
  13. No support
  14. Cool story ...