Money pit

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  1. Money pit the hte clan ripped me off a couple of days ago because I dropped circles at wrong time . I sealed there and dropped 61 circles but they kicked me mid eb zta
  2. That was 11 us dollars I was ripped off
  3. Maybe you shouldn't have used items at the wrong time :lol:

    Sounds like you messed up and are now throwing a hissy fit in order to make money pit look bad :roll:
  4. No support
  6. Some clans treat you right some don’t. You picked the one that don’t. Sorry.

    Low effort lock
  7. You guys should help this poor guy being cheated of real money. HTE clan should honour the time limit. They can kick after time expire and don’t let back in. Go to Gold Haven always good admins. Grow and farm them back later on. Don’t take much to ruin and hte clan. You need only time and dedication. Good luck
  8. Amen
  9. Yea, this is a war game. If they cheated you, grab some people and go to town. HTE clans hate being in OSW. :D
  10. I agree, gold haven and vampys retreat always treated me well
  11. Death was warned. Several times before kicked. It's even on clan page. Disrespect towards admin results in kick. It's not the clans fault he didn't stop, it's his own. The morale of this story... If your gonna disobey the rules and not stop when warned several times then you've got no right to cry like a baby about it. Cry a river then build a bridge and get the hell over it
  12. Idk about you guys, but i found money pit to be quite accommodating.
  13. Money Pit is one of the worst HTE clans out there.
    Why does anyone even go there anymore?
    Try Ark or GH.

    10/10, this is true.
  14. You just pointed out your own mistake that you dropped circles at the wrong time, Death! I don't know the actual story, but I think it is justified that you got kicked out. The moment you break a clan rule that's deemed kick-worthy, how much you spend becomes irrelevant at this point!

    And I just noticed you established a new clan, The farming money pit clan. And you posted on BananaQueen's wall that you're gonna farm them!

    Personally, I also can't see how you would be able to put up a fight of one versus 18 unique, super-active people in that clan, stat-wise, active-wise, player's attacking strategy and strength in numbers.

    A better move, if I may suggest is to just move on and let the issue die or resolve your issue peacefully with the clan member concerned! Remember this:

    Never start a battle you cannot win!
  15. Moan, gripe, complain. Bunch of whiny children trying to act all hard over a tap tap game. Oh boo hoo, I'm death and I like not following the rules, but like they cheated me. Act your age and not your shoe size. Oh did I offend you death? To bad, it's life. Get the hell over it. Next time read the rules before you try to act all hard. And do return the inc, don't be a baby and be all bark with no bite
  16. Im gunna start by saying this death was not ripped off. Everybody who has ever been in an hte clan knows the moment you join you abide by the clans rules. Our clan rules are clearly stated on clan page and have never changed. It doesn’t matter how much money you’ve spent or how much time you’ve been there. Death was not kicked for dropping out of turn. He was kicked for being rude. He was given multiple chances by admin and chose not to listen and kept running his mouth. Im not here to defend my clan because everybody is allowed to have there opinion but i will clear up this situation since death has left out so many details. When he also attempted to resolve the situation with one of my war-chiefs he ran bars on members. Somebody who is looking to resolve a situation doesn’t go and fan the flames.
  17. I've been to Money Pit quite a few times. From earliest days up until last week. Every time I've visited I've been treated like family. Ask anyone. Any time I'm not sure about something, I ASK.

    Awesome people, great teachers, very very generous!
  18. @Bonnie +1
  19. I have to say Money Pit are good ppl never,ever had any issues there.They go out of there way to help ppl.
    If i was Money Pit i would actually thank Death all this free publicity.