Money Loophole Ally Trading

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  1. Hello KaW I believe I might have found the fastest and easiest way to make money

    But it WILL require A LOT of cooperation from A LOT of different people

    This method is when some one hires your ally you hire one of their allies. This works because when someone hires your ally you make about 1.5% from what you originally bought them for. Meaning that if you hire one of their allies they will make about 1.5% as well

    This means that if two players both have a 40 bil ally and they decide to trade allies they will both make about 1.5% off of the 40 bil allies. To do this player one would hire player two's 40bil ally, meaning player two would make about 1.5% which equates to about 600 mil. Now player would hire player one's 40 bil ally and player one would make 1.5% or 600 mil. This equates to both players making 600 mil from this single trade:)

    If you where able to do this with 400bil allies both players would make about 6 bil from a single trade!!

    But the reason it would take a lot of cooperation is because you would have to find a lot of people each day that would be willing to trade with you to really make this a good money strategy

    Another thing about this is that two people rarely have allies that cost exactly the same meaning that if your ally costs less than someone else's it will seem like you will lose money because when they hire your ally; the money made from them hiring your ally will be less than what you spend to hire their ally. But don't fear you will still gain money because you still will make about 1.5% off of what your original ally cost, And I'm sure that if every one cooperates you can find someone that will hire a more expensive ally from you than what you hire from them

    As far as I know I have not seen this loophole in any ally ownership/strategy guide in the forums and I have no idea how people will react to this loophole. But I think it will work great!

    Please tell me what you think this and I am sorry if there are any elements that will make this loop hole impossible to be successful that I have not seen

    Happy KaWing:)
  2. Wow an actual good thread
  3. Have you actually tried this? If you have and it works, cool. If you haven't tried it, then chances are it won't work.
  4. Nice effort. Good bb codes, somewhat thought out, but the people required to cooperate would be tremendous. I think it would work if you did like a double volley though...........
  5. I'll test it with you mojojojo for green
  6. Umm no this doesnt work..
  7. Alright tears
  8. This doesn't work.
  9. What is your reasoning?
  10. It's standard practice
  11. U mean people do it all the time?
  12. This won't work as a way to make gold. If you have a 40bil ally and it sells you would only get 38.57bil. This is due to your purchase price would have only been 38bil and you would only make a 1.5% profit off of that. Then if you go buy a 40bil ally you will have spent 1.43bil more than you made off the transaction
  13. But then, after I buy the ally how do I get it sold? I made 1.5% profit, but now the ally I own is 5% more expensive, so doesn't work
  14. It would not really work because the money you make goes into the other ally...
  15. This has been around the longest time before pwars probably as old as KaW
  16. Yes the ally would become 5% more expensive but that's why you hire a different ally each time you do a trade
  17. You get 1.5% more than what you paid for the ally, not the current price which is 5% higher.