Mods killed Forums

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Devouring, Aug 15, 2016.

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  1. Over moderation is what kills everything. Doesn't matter what it is it removes community interaction. You have a choice to close off topics because they're off topic, sure that's fine, but when it's on topic but bordering on becoming derailed don't just lock it straight away, give it a chance to come back.

    Not everyone is a master of posting nor are they a perfect poster. Everyone has garbage posts at one time or another, some more than others. Simply put, let those grey area posts of near derailment have a chance to get back on topic rather than locking them because they might go off topic.
  2. Noob accounts in forums ruined forums
  3. ...see, I told u it wasn't my fault 
  4. The mods did not kill the forums dude.
  5. you don't need to type in italics all the time.
  6. Their**

  7. WOW!
  8. I call for mod reform and to be picked back up. As much as I wouldn't want to do it again, I would do it just for the bettering of the community. (My life is meaningless without the power.)
  9. Hahaha. Funny.

    I really don't feel like sharing my opinion on this matter since I'm really tired and will regret saying something later, but for some reason people enjoy what I have to say. So, for those people,
    Honestly, I think that while moderators make some mistakes and lock threads that shouldn't be, the majority of the blame goes on the Forum Rules, which they should try to change. It's easy to blame the moderators for this since they're the ones enforcing them, but it's really the Forum Rules that need changing. Ugh, that was really difficult. I managed to stay on topic of a subject without disagreeing with either side in order to make it seem like an 'intelligent' post when in actuality it's not. I have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about. I read the ToU, RoC, and Forum Rules once, around 3 years ago, and by read I mean quickly glance over. However, if someone asks me about it I'm sure I can find a dumb line in it to base my entire argument around to make it seem like I didn't just spew a random thought on a forum. Maybe I could use the Ashes and Frog ban a couple months ago since that's something that the majority of people (active forumers) disliked. At around this point in the message I decided to look up at the ceiling, which was something I very much regret doing since I raised my left hand slightly, and when I lowered it to resume typing, my middle finger hit the screen, and hit the cancel button. I didn't remember everything that I had said so what was above is a lot worse tha what I had originally. Seriously, you need to put an 'Are You Sure' for the cancel and post. My hands have slipped way too many times and have accidentally hit those buttons, but I got really annoyed by this one. Almost so annoyed that I wasn't going to retype this message. Anyway, this is a problem that I have. Most of the time, like 90%, I have no idea what I'm talking about. I'm just good at formatting statements to make it seem intelligent, but in a way that people wouldn't feel the need to reply to me, so I can just go off saying some random stuff that seems right, but honestly I have no idea since I've put minimal amounts of effort into posts. Similar to this. At the moment I have no idea what forum rules or threads that shouldn't be locked that are exist. They're just blanket statements to make me feel all nice and cozy inside, and are very easy to back up. So whenever I make a comment on a thread, you shouldn't assume that I know anything about the topic on hand. Normally I don't. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not a 'dumb' person, it's just that a lot of the time, people aren't always saying intelligent things, and I'm not an exception. So really, whenever I make a post, assume that most of the things I say are wrong.

  10. Who appointed the mods.... FAIL
  11. Lol no screen shots no evidence just shut up and sit down son

  12. Man oh man, this is the autism that forums has been missing.. I'm so excited..
  13. We do review moderator actions on an ongoing basis, but if you ever feel a moderator is overstepping their authority please don't hesitate to reach out to us at so that we can look into the specific situation.

    The moderators are here to enforce the forum Code of Conduct and help create a safe and enjoyable space for everyone while working alongside our support team.
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