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  1. Hey all, and welcome to a revised and updated version of the Kingdoms at War Handbook. This will be in mostly the same format and same information from the KaW Handbook brilliantly posted by Dillybar, I will thank him and give most credit to him for this.
    DISCLAIMER: I do take ownership of this thread and the content. The content taking from DillyBar's thread has been re-used and edited by me.
    I hope you all enjoy (=

    NOTE: If you see this color, it means that you are reading a new section of this Handbook.

    Table of Contents

    1. Kingdoms at War Home
    2. Communication and Slang
    3. Forums
    4. Buildings
    5. Builds
    6. Lands
    7. Building Strategies
    8. Allies/Volleying
    9. The Marketplace
    10. Clans
    11. Wars
    12. Getting Started
    13. Making Money
    14. Epic Battles
    15. Equipment
    16. Achievements
    17. Leaderboards
    18. Terms of Use
    19. Quick Links
    20. Advice/Behvior

    Kingdoms at War Home
    First off, You will come to one of three screens...iDevice, PC or Android. I will give a brief where to find what on each (PICTURES!).

    The Kingdoms at War homepage is the page that pops up when you open the Kingdoms at War App. It has lots of information and buttons on it, and I'm going to explain what each of them lead to and talk about.

    FIRST OFF: iDevice
    The Top Bar- The Top Bar contains a lot of information. It has the number of soldiers you have out of your max amount of soldiers, the number of spies you have out of your max amount of spies, and the amount of time until your next regeneration. It also has how much gold you have, how many Nobility Points you have, how many allies you have, and lastly, it has how many Buildings you have. This also gives you the tab to open your chat section. In the chat section it will have three tabs: Wall, Friends, and Private Messages. Your wall is clearly..Your wall! This will is a public view where everyone can see and talk to your or others. The friends tab is where you can talk to in private messages if you have followed them, and they did the same back (thus making you KaWriends!). The chat tab is where it shows your PM's of whom you have been talking to (history). Finally, it gives you the settings. In this settings it allows you to toggle the notifications you have, AND see the users you have blocked.

    Battle- The Battle button is the top button to the right of your flag. Here you can search for a player or check the battle list. In the battle list these are players that are CURRENTLY online. With this, you can view their profile, and or attack or use a spy action on them. The players on here will be about the size of build you are. This list can be refreshed to find others to hit.

    Quests- The Quests Button is the button second from the top to the right of your flag. Here you can do quests. Also, you may recieve a bonus for "mastering" a quest which is basically doing 1 quest succesfully a certain amount of times. There is also a small chance of getting a nobility point or health crystal from succesfully doing quest. I'll say it again, a SMALL chance.

    Profile- The Profile Button is the button third from the top to the right of your flag. In your profile, you can check out many many things.
    The first thing you can do is, edit your banner! This will be your motto to Kingdoms at War. This has a 100 character limit.
    The second thing you will notice will be the clan info; this will show you what clan you are in, and the title you have.
    The next thing you will notice is the equipped equipment pieces you have, you can also click the view more button to bring up more equipment pieces and the stats received from them.
    After the equipment comes your latest achievements. You can click the view more button to view all, latest, or achieved achievements.
    You will then come to your stats, this will include: Attack, Defence, Spy Attack, and Spy Defence.
    Then comes your ally stats. These stats are the BTA and BFA. BTA = Bonus to Allies (what most people come to by your combined stats). BFA = Bonus from Allies (the total amount of stats received by allies). You can also check out whom owns you, your ally hire price, and plunder bonus to allies.
    Next, Battle stats. These are all the actions you have done in Kingdoms at War, to and from players and or epic battles. The stats include: Fight offenses/defenses won/lost. Steal offenses/defenses won/lost. Scout offenses/defenses won/lost. Assassination offensese/defense won/lost.
    Bonuses. This included your equipment bonuses and Pro Pack % bonuses along with your reset bonsues.
    Clan Bonuses. The bonuses you receive from your clan by getting various achivements.
    Below bonuses are Active Spells. These are your spells activate by the alchemist.
    Items: This shows the number of said items in: Attack/Defense/Spy Attack/Spy Defense potions and Permanent Items/Other Items.
    Last button: Reset. Self explainatory.

    Leaders- The Leaders Button is the fourth button from the top to the right of your flag. Please view the Leader Section for more information.

    Clans- The Clans Button is the blue button on the left underneath your flag. Please view the Clans Section for more information.

    Forums- The Forums Button is the middle blue button underneath your flag. Please view the Forums Section for more information.

    Help- The Help Button is the blue button on the right underneath your flag. Here you will get help about the Basics, Chat & Forum Behavior, Allies, Buildings, Items, Battles, Quests, Points, Clans & Wars, Epic Battles, Terms of Service, and the Privacy Policy.

    Chat- The Chat Button is the Speech Bubble close to the bottom right corner. Click here to access World Chat, Clan Chat, or Ally Chat. View the Communication and Slang section for more information.

    Home- The Home Button is the left button on the bottom row. Clicking on home will take you back to the Kingdoms at War Homepage.

    Newv5B/u] The News Button is the middle button on the bottom row of buttons. Clicking it will take you to your news. Here you will see when someone battles you (LOL), when an ally is hired or has reset, and clan info.

    Allies- The Allies Button is the second from the right button on the bottom row. Please view the Allies Section for more information.

    Kingdom- The Kingdom Button is the second from the left button on the bottom row. Here you can see what buildings you have, explore more land, build more buildings, upgrade your buildings, sell your buildings, and travel to high/lowlands.

    Marketplace- The Marketplace Button is the the right button on the bottom row. View The Marketplace section for more information.

    Second: Android
    The top bar on the Android only contains the settings tab, and your messsages tab. NOTE: You will not be able to view the list of blocked people on ANDROID. Smack tab in the middle is your kingdom flag, or if engaged in an Epic Battle...the boss picture! To the top left you will find your Kingdom outlook. Below that is your ally list. To your top left is the battle tab, below that is your quest line. Below your kingdom flag there are another five tabs. The left one will ask you for feedback. After that (left to right) is your marketplace tab, forums, leaderboards then a help topics. ALL these buttons do the same as iDevice.
    Additionally...You can click you menus button on your Android phonee. This will give you six tabs to choose from...Home, Search, Allies, Marketplace, clan and profile.

    Last: PC (computer)
    This will be much more complicated to explain...If you read all of the above it will make sence and pretty much be self explainatory. You have your top bar, from left to right here are the tabs that is provided: Forums -> Clan Events -> Top Players -> Top Clans -> Top EBs -> Link iPhone -> Logout.
    By clicking on the forums it will open a new tab for you on your internet browser and will bring you to your sections of forums. I'm sure you can guide yourself from there ;)
    The last two things the Android and iDevice's do not provide are the Logout and Link iPhone features. logout! When you click the link iPhone button, it will direct you to a different web page and you follow the directions to link your iPhone; simple right?
    You then have your name, flag, cash, troop/spy level to your left followed by 9 tabs you can view of your profile: Kingdom, battle, quests, allies, supplies, alchemist, mage and oracle. Supplies = marketplace.
    Under your 9 tabs you will see three symbols...settings (this will bring up your blocked list andyour main settings), feedback, and music (volume on or off).
    To the right of that is your chat bar. This includes: World, Clan, Ally. Click whichever one you want to view and it'll show up. NOTE: If on world chat, it will include messages from ALL chats, BUT you will be posting on WORLD chat.
    LAST THING: Your friends list, and messages. Sadly, this isn't in if you have a lot of friends and a PM..good luck finding it!

    Communication and Slang

    There are 6 different methods of communication. They are world chat, clan chat, ally chat, wall chat, palringo chat and Private Messages.

    World Chat- World chat is chat with the world. In order to access World Chat, you click on the speech bubble and you click on world. There you can say whatever you want as long as you don't violate the terms of service. Speaking on World Chat costs 1 speaker for every message. You regenerate 5 speakers every day if you are on an iPod touch, iPhone, Kindle, or Android. You can also pay 1 nobility at the oracle for 1 speaker. There is a 100 character limit in World Chat. Lastly, there is a banner at the top that advertises the latest news with clans and wars. You can also spend 26 speakers to post a message on the banner for 15 minutes. You will limit at 25 speakers from regeneration.

    Clan Chat- Clan Chat is chat with your clan. In order to access Clan Chat, you click on the speech bubble and then you click on clan. There you can say whatever you want as long as you don't violate the terms of service IF ENFORCED. You must be in a clan to access Clan Chat, and chat there is free. There is a 100 character limit in Clan Chat.

    Ally Chat- Ally Chat is chat with your owner or your hired allies. In order to access Ally Chat you click on the speech bubble and then you click on Allies. There you can say whatever you want. Chat in Ally Chat is free. There is a 100 character limit in Ally Chat.

    Wall Chat- Wall chat is chat with anyone in Kingdoms at War. Everyone in Kingdoms at War has a wall. In order to view your wall click the top right button with the social media Icon. There you can see what posts people have left on your wall for you. In order to post on someone elses wall, you will need to search, and type in the username of the person that you want to wall. Then you click on "Wall" click "Post to Wall" and type out whatever you want to post. Once you have finished reading a post, you can also delete it by clicking on the minus sign and you can also see how long ago the message was posted. There is a 128 character limit per wall post. Regardless if you are on YOUR wall or not, you must stay within the Terms of Use or you can be silenced.

    Palringo Chat- Palringo lite is a free Application from the AppStore. Here you can talk to people privately through private messages or chat with a group. Here you can say whatever you want and you can also post pictures. There is no character limit in Palringo Chat.

    Slang- There are lots of slang words for Kingdoms at War. Here are a few of the main slang terms.

    KaW- Kingdoms at War

    LB- LeaderBoard

    WC- World Chat

    CC- Clan Chat

    AC- Ally Chat

    Pal- Palringo

    Pin- When a defender is "Too Weak"

    Sit- To keep a defender "Too Weak"

    Volley- Hiring 1 person back and forth

    Farming- To hit 1 person over 5x daily

    OSF- Open Secret Farm

    Pots- Items from The Marketplace

    LC- Land Complete (Buying all lands)

    DTW- Defender Too Weak

    PM- Private Message

    BUMP- Bring Up My Post (Forums)

    Devs- The developers of Kingdoms at War

    ToU- Terms of Use

    Bypassing- Modifying a word to get past the filter

    Stats- Your BTA (located on profile)

    Nobs- Nobility Points

    Maxed- LC with all fully upgraded buildings

    Regen- Regeneration period, where you get more troops/spies

    Full- To have all of your soldiers/spies

    Lurking- Being in a chat but not talking

    Sub- A Subterranean Factory

    T1, T2, T3, T4, T5, T6- Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3, Tier 4, Tier 5, Tier 6

    Lv- Level (of building)

    Attk- Attack

    Def- Defense

    Scout Bomb- To scout someone a lot

    Assa- To Assassinate someone

    Keep- Owning an ally

    BL- Battle List

    Circ- Summoning Circle

    Av- War Aviary

    Plunder- The gold you earn from an attack

    Ally Plunder- The gold your allies give you

    Tax- The amount of gold taken away in war

    BTA- Bonus To Allies

    BFA- Bonus From Allies

    K- Thousand

    M/Mil- Million

    Bil/B- Billion

    Strip- Hire allies and farm a player

    HLC- Bought all of the lands in The Highlands

    HLBC- Bought all of the lands in The Highlands with Lvl3 T5 Buildings

    HFC - Bought all of the lands in The Hoarfrost Lands

    HFLC - Bought all of the lands in the Hoarfrost Lands with Lvl3 T6 buildings

    EB- Epic Battle.

    TFO- The Forgotten Ones (EB)

    BR- Battle Royale (EB)

    NML- No Mans Land (EB)

    Haunt- The Haunting (EB)

    NQ- No Quarter (EB)

    CotD- City of the Dead (EB)

    FoD- Figure of Death (EB)

    ToC- Talons of Carnage (EB)

    NG- New Growth (EB)

    SS- Scionic Storm (EB)

    SR- Sporavek's Revenage (EB)

    TBO- The Barren Orchard (EB)

    TT- Terrain Travails (EB)

    CtT- Crossing the Threshold (EB)

    CoR- Cave of Riches (EB)

    TGL- The Gilded Lord (EB)

    StP - Storm the Palace (EB)

    VD - Viper's Den (EB)

    DS - Desert Stine (EB)

    ACC - A Cold Calling (EB)

    VP - Vanished Paladin (EB)

    FC - Frozen City (EB)

    WW - Wasteland Wilds (EB)

    GS - Glacial Squall


    In Forum Chat you can make posts, but you can also comment on other's posts. To make a post you must type a title for your post and then write about it in the box underneath. In order to post a reply you must click "post a reply" and type what you want to post there. There is no character limit and you can say whatever you want as long as you don't break the terms of service. The forums are divided into 11 sections which are: Rules of Conduct, Questions/Feedback, News, Strategy, Alliances, War, Other KaW Discussion, Fan Fiction Off Topic, Active Topics, and About.

    Rules of Conduct- Rules of Conduct is a locked section which means that you cannot post there. This is where you can read the full Rules of Conduct that you agree to by playing Kingdoms at War by AThinkingApe Inc.

    Questions/Feedback- Questions/Feedback is the section of the forums where you post questions or feedback to the dev's. This is a good place to post feedback on certain things the developers may be working on (beta's). If you have a Question, I suggest posting on the Questions Thread.

    News- News is the section of the forums where the dev's keep you up to date on what's happening. You cannot post here. This is a good place to hear what's going on.

    Strategy- Strategy is the section of the forums where you post guides or strategy. This is a section that can help teach you the basics, to the advanced mechanics of KaW.

    Clans/Alliances- Clans/Alliances is the section of the forums where you post clan threads or just threads about clans. This is a good place to find a clan to join.

    Wars- Wars is the section of the forums where you post about wars that are, will, or did happen. This is a good place to keep up to date on big wars.

    Other KaW Discussion- Other KaW Discussion is the section of the forums where you can talk about other Kingdoms at War related things. This is a good place to talk about the game, updates, etc.

    Off Topic- Off Topic is the section of the forums where you can talk about anything but Kingdoms at War. This is a good place to escape to for a bit and have fun.

    Fan Fiction- Fan Fiction is the section where all players can share stories/poems/etc that are hand written. This section is not shown up on active topics.

    Active Topics- Active Topics is the section of the forums that has a list of the last topics posted on from any topic other then Fan Fiction. This is a good place to know what's going on.

    About- About is the section in the forums that tells you what the Kingdoms at War website is. You cannot post here.

    Stickied Threads- These threads have good information/important news in them and stay at the top of the list for that section of the forums.

    Locked Threads- Locked threads are threads that you can't post on. These are the threads that are against the Terms of Use (spam and bypasses mostly) that Moderators or Developers have locked.

    Forum Moderators- Forum moderators are a small team of developer chosen players to volunteer to keep Forum user friendly. Forum moderators are trusted players to use the developer tools they have been given, to clean, ban, and keep forums rocking.
    **NOTE** - Forum moderators can not do any IN-GAME silencing. Forum moderators have ORANGE names. In-game moderators can still lock, merge, graveyard threads, and have access to the moderator only section of forums. Forum moderators can ban players for 24 hours, or permanently as well as do in game moderators duties.

    There are a total of 29 buildings. They are the Workshop, Barracks, Stable, Forge, War Cathedral, Beastiary, Subterranean Factory, Summoning Circle, War Aviary, Guild, Defensive Tower, Lookout Tower, Spy Defence Fortress, Circle of Elements, Cursed Foundry, Defense Fortress, Stronghold of Shadows, Titans Lair, The Hatchery, The Colony, Tourture Garden, Arboreal Dungeon, Changeling Watchtower. Blood Barracks, Rime Fortress, Elven Temple, Unkari Ice Tree, Red War Citadel, and Descry Fasthold.

    Stats will be listed in this Order:
    Level Cost
    Regeneration Rate
    Spy Attack
    Spy Defense
    Plunder Bonus

    Workshop- The T1 Attack Building. Total Cost: 1.75m

    Level 1- 25k, 42, 500, 400/200/0/0, $10,000

    Level 2- 200k, 83, 1000, 500/300/0/0, $22,000

    Level 3- 1.5m, 167, 2000, 600/400/0/0, $48,000

    Stables- The T1 Balanced Building. Total Cost: 1.75m

    Level 1- 25k, 42, 500, 300/300/0/0, $10,000

    Level 2- 200k, 83, 1000, 400/400/0/0, $22,000

    Level 3- 1.5m, 167, 2000, 500/500/0/0, $48,000

    Barracks- The T1 Defensive Building. Total Cost: 1.75m

    Level 1- 25k, 42, 500, 200/400/0/0, $10,000

    Level 2- 200k, 83, 1000, 300/500/0/0, $22,00

    Level 3- 1.5m, 167, 2000, 400/600/0/0, $48,000

    Forge- The T2 Attack Building. Total Cost: 9.75m

    Level 1- 1.75m, 42, 500, 1200/600/0/0, $30,000

    Level 2- 3m, 83, 1000, 3000/1800/0/0, $66,000

    Level 3- 5m, 167, 2000, 7200/4800/0/0, $144,000

    Beastiary- The T2 Balanced Building. Total Cost: 9.75m

    Level 1- 1.75m, 41, 525, 997/997/0/0, $30,450

    Level 2- 3m, 81, 1050, 2625/2625/0/0, $67,200

    Level 3- 5m, 161, 2100, 6720/6720/0/0, $147,000

    War Cathedral- The T2 Defensive Building. Total Cost: 9.75m

    Level 1- 1.75m, 42, 500, 750/1200/0/0, $32,000

    Level 2- 3m, 83, 1000, 2100/3000/0/0, $69,000

    Level 3- 5m, 167, 2000, 5600/7200/0/0, $152,000

    Subterranean Factory- The T3 Attack Building. Total Cost: 1.330b

    Level 1- 130m, 42, 500, 3600/1800/0/0, $101,500

    Level 2- 350m, 83, 1000, 9000/5400/0/0, $186,000

    Level 3- 850m, 167, 2000, 21600/14400/0/0, $264,000

    War Aviary- The T3 Balanced Building. Total Cost: 1.330b

    Level 1- 130m, 41, 525, 2993/2993/0/0, $103,950

    Level 2- 350m, 81, 1050, 7875/7875/0/0, $190,050

    Level 3- 850m, 161, 2100, 19740/19740/0/0, $331,800

    Summoning Circle- The T3 Defensive Building. Total Cost: 1.330b

    Level 1- 130m, 42, 500, 2150/3600/0/0, $106,500

    Level 2- 350m, 83, 1000, 6300/9000/0/0, $195,000

    Level 3- 850m, 167, 2000, 16400/21600/0/0, $340,000

    Cursed Foundry- The T4 Attack Building. Total Cost: 13.50b

    Level 1- 3b, 75, 900, 25920/17280/0/0, $356,400

    Level 2- 4.5b, 83, 1000, 51800/20000/0/0, $535,000

    Level 3- 6b, 100, 1200, 103560/68640/0/0, $801,600

    Circle of Elementals- The T4 Balanced Building. Total Cost: 13.50b

    Level 1- 3b, 75, 1000, 23680/23680/0/0, $365,000

    Level 2- 4.5b, 84, 1100, 47366/47366/0/0, $547,800

    Level 3- 6b, 100, 1300, 94744/94744/0/0, $821,600

    Titans Lair- The T4 Defensive Building. Total Cost: 13.50b

    Level 1- 3b, 75, 900, 19674/25920/0/0, $374,400

    Level 2- 4.5b, 83, 1000, 39340/51840/0/0, $562,000

    Level 3- 6b, 100, 1200, 78672/103680/0/0, $843,600

    The Hatchery- The T5 Attack Building. Total Cost: 175b

    Level 1- 25b, 75, 900, 114,084/76,050/0/0, $Future Update

    Level 2- 50b, 79, 950, 170,952/113,525/0/0, $Future Update

    Level 3- 100b, 83, 1000, 256,320/169,880/0/0, $Future Update

    Bellicost Bird- The T6 Offensive Building. Total Cost: 400b

    Level 1- 50b, 75, 900, 131,202/87,462/0/0. $Future Update

    Level 2- 150b, 79, 950, ?/?/0/0, $Future Update

    Level 3- 200b, 83, 1000, 293,940/226,220/0/0 $Future Update

    The Colony- The T5 Balanced Building. Total Cost: 175b

    Level 1- 25b, 75, 1000, 104,200/104,200/0/0, $Future Update

    Level 2- 50b, 79, 1050, 156,324/156,324/0/0, $Future Update

    Level 3- 100b, 83, 1100, 234,498/234,498/0/0, $Future Update

    Necromancer- The T6 Balanced Building. Total Cost: 400b

    Level 1- 50b, 75, 900, 119,860/119,860/0/0. $Future Update

    Level 2- 150b, 79, 950, ?/?/0/0, $Future Update

    Level 3- 200b, 83, 269,588/269,599/0/0 $Future Update

    Torture Garden- The T5 Defensive Building. Total Cost: 175b

    Level 1- 25b, 75, 900, 86,580/114,084/0/0, $Future Update

    Level 2- 50b, 79, 950, 129,846/171,095/0/0, $Future Update

    Level 3- 100b, 83, 1000, 194,720/256,600/0/0, $Future Update

    Silver Slayer- The T6 Defensive Building. Total Cost: 400b

    Level 1- 50b, 75, 900, 99,576/131,202/0/0. $Future Update

    Level 2- 150b, 79, 950, ?/?/0/0, $Future Update

    Level 3- 200b, 83, 1000, 195,940/298,100/0/0 $Future Update

    Guild The T1 Spy Building. Total Cost: 977.75m

    Level 1- 25k, 42, 500, 0/0/150/150, $5,000

    Level 2- 2.5m, 125, 1500, 0/0/900/900, $33,000

    Level 3- 75m, 375, 4500, 0/0/5400/5400, $216,000

    Level 4- 900m, 750, 9000, 0/0/13500/13500, $432,000

    Stronghold of Shadow The T2 Spy Building. Total Cost: 14.36b

    Level 1- 3.168b, 834, 10000, 0/0/16200/16200, $440,000

    Level 2- 4.752b, 1000, 12000, 0/0/32400/32400, $516,000

    Level 3- 6.33b, 1167, 14000, 0/0/64960/64960, $756,000

    Volary The T3 Spy Building. Total Cost: 183.338b

    Level 1- 26.334b, 1250, 15,000, 0/0/71,400/71,400 $Future Update

    Level 2- 52.668b, 1417, 17,000, 0/0/107,100/107,100 $Future Update

    Level 3- 105.336b, 1583, 19,000 0/0/160,740/160,740 $Future Update

    Unkari Monarch The T4 Pure Defense Building. Total Cost: 400b

    Level 1- 50b, 1250, 15,000, 0/0/82,200/82,200 $Future Update

    Level 2- 150b, 1417, 17,000, 0/0/?/?, $Future Update

    Level 3- 200b, 1583, 19,000, 0/0/184,680/184,680, N/A

    Defense Tower The T1 Pure Defense Building. Total Cost: 35m

    Level 1- 25k, N/A, N/A, 0/750/0/0, N/A

    Level 2- 4.75m, N/A, N/A, 0/5625/0/0, N/A

    Level 3- 30m, N/A, N/A, 0/40500/0/0, N/A

    Defensive Fortress The T2 Pure Defense Building. Total Cost: 8.46b

    Level 1- 800m, N/A, N/A, 0/44,550/0/0, N/A

    Level 2- 1.86b, N/A, N/A, 0/78,000/0/0, N/A

    Level 3- 5.8b, N/A, N/A, 0/124,272/0/0, N/A

    Arboreal Dungeon The T3 Pure Defense Building. Total Cost: 122b

    Level 1- 6.5b, N/A, N/A, 0/196,070/0/0, N/A

    Level 2- 20.5b, N/A, N/A, 0/222,250/0/0, N/A

    Level 3- 95b, N/A, N/A, 0/307,573/0/0, N/A

    Red War Stronghold The T4 Pure Defense Building. Total Cost: 400b

    Level 1- 50b, N/A, N/A, 0/225,480/0/0, N/A

    Level 2- 150b, N/A, N/A, 0/Future Update/0/0, N/A

    Level 3- 200b, N/A, N/A, 0/353,709/0/0, N/A

    Lookout Tower The T1 Pure Spy Defense Building. Total Cost: 977.525m

    Level 1- 25k, N/A, N/A, 0/0/0/225, N/A

    Level 2- 2.5m, N/A, N/A, 0/0/0/1320, N/A

    Level 3- 75m, N/A, N/A, 0/0/0/8100, N/A

    Level 4- 900m, N/A, N/A, 0/0/0/20250, N/A

    Lookout Fortress The T2 Pure Spy Defense Building. Total Cost: 12.6b

    Level 1- 2.8b, N/A, N/A, 0/0/0/24,300, N/A

    Level 2- 4.2b, N/A, N/A, 0/0/0/48,600, N/A

    Level 3- 5.6b, N/A, N/A, 0/0/0/97,440, N/A

    Lookout Fortress The T3 Pure Spy Defense Building. Total Cost: 174.562b

    Level 1- 23.275b, N/A, N/A, 0/0/0/107,184, N/A

    Level 2- 51.537b, N/A, N/A, 0/0/0/160,776, N/A

    Level 3- 99.75b, N/A, N/A, 0/0/0/241,164, N/A

    Descry Fasthold The T4 Pure Spy Defense Building. Total Cost: 400b.

    Level 1- 50b, N/A, N/A, 0/0/0/123,262, N/A

    Level 2- 150b, N/A, N/A, 0/0/0/Future Update, N/A

    Level 3- 200b, N/A, N/A, 0/0/0/277,338

    There are lots of builds in Kingdoms at War. Some are angled towards spies, some to defense, some to attack, some to money, and lots of other different things. I'll try to touch up on 9 of the most common builds.

    Attack Build
    The Attack Build consists of 24 Workshops, Forges, Subterranean Factories, Cursed Foundries plus 25 The Hatchery and 25 Bellicose Birds. This build will just about always win it's first attack unless it is grossly under the enemy's ally stats. The only thing is you'll almost always lose when defending against an attack or a spy attack. Total cost to BC with T5 and T6: 19,953,050,000,000

    Balanced Build
    The Balanced Build consists of 24 Stables, Beastiaries, War Aviaries, Circle of Elementals plus 25 The Colony and 25 Necromancers. This build will nearly always win in either attack or defense against a build, however it will usually lose against a spy attack. Total cost to BC with T5 and T6: 19,953,050,000,000

    Defensive Build
    A Defensive Build consists of 24 Barracks, War Cathedrals, Summoning Circles, Titans Lairs plus 25 Torture Garden and 25 Silver Slayers. These builds will nearly always win in defense, but will rarely win in an attack. Total cost to BC with T5 and T6: 19,953,050,000,000

    Mixed Build
    A Mixed Build has so many variations. The most common one though is 12 spy buildings and 62 troop buildings. This build offers good spy defense and spy attack, as well as ok attack. Total cost to BC with T5 and T6: Ranges from - ~19-20T.

    Pure Spy Build
    A Pure Spy Build Consists of 24 Guilds or Stronghold of Shadows plus 25 Volarys and 25 Unkari Monarchs. These builds will nearly always win in a spy attack, but have no attack troops. These builds are anonymous and serve well as OSFs but give out low plunder. Total Cost to BC with T3 and T4: 21,203,050,000,000

    Hansel Build
    A Hansel Build consists of 23 Guilds or Stronghold of Shadows along with 1 Troop Building plus 24 Volary or 25 Volary (if troop building is on HL and is T5) along with 24 or 25 Unkari Monarchs (if troop building is on LL, HL, or HF). Total Cost to BC with T5 and T6 (Hansel): 21,103,050,000,000

    Tower Build
    A Tower Build consists of 24 Defensive Towers, Defensive Fortresses plus 25 Arboreal Dungeon and 25 Red War Stronghold. These builds have no troops, however, they are good for allowing free steals or scouts. These builds are very hard to win against in an attack. Total Cost to BC with T5 and T6: 18,953,050,000,000

    Turtle Build
    Turtle Builds have lots of different variations. A turtle build is any build with higher defense then possible with full troop buildings. This build often contains lots of towers and very few troop buildings. These builds are very rare. Total cost: Will vary.

    War Build
    War builds are for players who LOVE warring. These builds particularly have a lower income, but shouldn't phase warrers. These are the brutes of KaW who plan on taking all they can from you. Most war builds consist of mostly troops/spy buildings but with 8-9 towers. Commonly 12-15 towers, 1 castle, 8-12 spy buildings, and 47-54 troop buildings. Total Cost: Will vary.

    *Please note that these numbers do NOT include the price of your lands (with the exception of Hoarfrost.*


    Lands are the most important things in the game. Generally, the more of these you have, the stronger you are. The following are the land costs.

    Lowland Costs

    First Land- Free- Comes with a Castle. Castle cannot be sold or upgraded. (Part of tutorial)

    Second Land- 1k- Must build a workshop, barracks, or stables. (Part of Tutorial)

    Third Land- 1k- Must build a Guild. (Part of Tutorial)

    Fourth Land- 5k

    Fifth Land- 30k

    Sixth Land- 150k

    Seventh Land- 300k

    Eighth Land- 750k

    Ninth Land- 1.5m

    Tenth Land- 2.5m

    Eleventh Land- 3.5m

    Twelfth Land- 5m

    Thirteenth Land- 10m

    Fourteenth Land- 20m

    Fifteenth Land- 60m

    Sixteenth Land- 100m

    Seventeenth Land- 200m

    Eighteenth Land- 300m

    Nineteenth Land- 600m

    Twentieth Land- 900m

    Twenty-First Land- 1.2b

    Twenty-Second Land- 1.5b

    Twenty-Third Land- 1.8b

    Twenty-Fourth Land- 2.1b

    Twenty-Fifth Land- 3b

    Total Lowland Cost- 11,803,737,000 (2k is from tutorials)

    Highland Costs

    First Land- 3 bil

    Second Land- 3.5 bil

    Third Land- 4 bil

    Fourth Land- 4.5 bil

    Fifth Land- 9 bil

    Sixth Land- 11 bil

    Seventh Land- 13 bil

    Eighth Land- 15 bil

    Ninth Land- 17 bil

    Tenth Land- 20 bil

    Eleventh Land- 25 bil

    Twelfth Land- 30 bil

    Thirteenth Land- 40 bil

    Fourteenth Land- 70 bil

    Fifteenth Land- 80 bil

    Sixteenth Land- 90 bil

    Seventeenth Land- 110 bil

    Eighteenth Land- 115 bil

    Nineteenth Land- 120 bil

    Twentieth Land- 140 bil

    Twenty-First Land- 160 bil

    Twenty-Second Land- 170 bil

    Twenty-Third Land- 210 bil

    Twenty-Fourth Land- 250 bil

    Twenty-Fifth Land- 300 bil

    Total Highland Cost: 2,010,000,000,000

    Hoarfrost Land Costs

    First Land- 5 bil

    Second Land- 6.25 bil

    Third Land- 7.8 bil

    Fourth Land- 10 bil

    Fifth Land- 12.5 bil

    Sixth Land- 15 bil

    Seventh Land- 20 bil

    Eighth Land- 25 bil

    Ninth Land- 30 bil

    Tenth Land- 37.5 bil

    Eleventh Land- 45 bil

    Twelfth Land- 60 bil

    Thirteenth Land- 75 bil

    Fourteenth Land- 90 bil

    Fifteenth Land- 115 bil

    Sixteenth Land- 145 bil

    Seventeenth Land- 185 bil

    Eighteenth Land- 220 bil

    Nineteenth Land- 275 bil

    Twentieth Land- 350 bil

    Twenty-First Land- 450 bil

    Twenty-Second Land- 550 bil

    Twenty-Third Land- 675 bil

    Twenty-Fourth Land- 850 bil

    Twenty-Fifth Land- 1 Tril

    Total Hoarfrost Land Cost: 5,254,050,000,000

    Total Land Costs: 7,264,050,000 (2k is from tutorials)


    Building Strategies

    You have just finished the tutorial and are lost. This is the point of view we will start from. Well congrats on finding your way to this thread, great start! So, if you haven't already use a speaker in world chat and say 'Volley me, new player'. This is your first source of cash. When the world chat finishes you up, hopefully you have a new gold amount of 50 or so million gold. Use this gold to buy up to 9 lands, but don't throw anything on them yet! Make sure you have 9 empty plots of land, exluding your castle. Now that you have 9 lands put a forge on one and upgrade to level 3. Continue that until you are out of gold. Out of gold already?

    Time to go clan hunting. Look through the ads on world chat and find a clan with no stat minimum to join and apply! Hopefully you get a cool clan and they have accepted you. When you are full of troops, unload all of them into the epic battle. With your gold, build one guild and upgrade it to level 2. This way you at least have some spies to work with aswell. With the remaining gold put the rest into an ally. This ally will help you generate a continious gold income when hitting an Epic Battle.

    Cool! You have a pretty good start right? REMEMBER: It takes exactly ONE hour to completely regenerate your troops and spies (unless you have a balanced building giving you two more attacks..this'll take an extra 5 minutes). When full, unload both troops and spies into your epic battle. Save all the gold you have until the epic battle has been finished, with the gold total build a forge level 3 and put the rest into an ally. Keep repeating this until you have no more empty lands.

    No more empty lands? Start buying them! Buy lands up until they cost more than your guild's upgrade. By this time you should be doing Epic Battle's in the second tier. Once you have about 100k attack, you can either start making guild's and upgrading them to level 3, or continue with forges; both startegy works fine. Continue to make gold, but do NOT sell allies for upgrades :!: You need these allies for MAX PLUNDER (see the Max Plunder thread for more info, under startegty). When you have 20 lands with buildings on them, it is time to max level all your guilds. Finish that up and move on.

    You should be on to tier 3 epics at this point. Kay, now start with tier 3 buildings! When you have 1.33b gold on hand AND max plunder, start to replace your FORGES with them...LEVEL 3 TIER 3 ONLY. That is important, do not replace a forge with anything less then level 3. Do this until all forges are level 3. When you have that finished, buy your last 5 lands and throw a tier 3 building on them. You will have LLC in no time! :mrgreen:

    This is where it starts to be a time consuming process. Your highlands will begin to grow in cost as you go quite fast, so be patiant. Begin to buy your highlands up until you have 4 highlands purchased (place level 4 guilds on all of them). Your next land will cost around the price as a level 3 T4 building. This is when you want to start replacing your t3 buildings with t4, LEVEL 3 NOTHING LESS. When you are LLBC, you are ready to move on to your last 21 lands.

    Now that you are LLBC, move on to t4 or t5 epics. 21 lands to go, no sweat. Begin by saving up enough gold to buy your next land. Throw a guild level 4 on that bad boy, and continue this until you have 10 highlands bought. The reason you are putting so many guilds on is because they offer you the best plunder to a cheap price! This is the tricky part...You have 35 lands total, your next land is 25b. You can either A. Continue the process you are doing now until you buy all your highlands, or B. When you save up 25b, replace your guilds on highlands with a level 1 t5 building. These buildings offer awesome plunder bonuses and huge stat bonuses..They are quite expensive this is why you only need to put a level 1 on instead of straight to level 3. If you choose to do plan B, keep going.

    Plan B, Keep replacing your guilds on highlands to t5 buildings, HIGHLANDS ONLY (low lands do not support t5). When you have all guilds replaced start buying lands. Buy a land and you can either throw a guild on it level 4 for plunder, or save up for t5 building and save yourself a bill. Either way, you will be placing a t5 on it at some point. Continue this until you have the land that costs 50b or more.

    You reached 50b for your land. Start upgrading all your t5 buildings to level 2, oh yeah! If you have volaries (t3 spy building), you should upgrade those aswell. Just repeat the process of upgrading your t5's to level 2 until all are upgraded. Once you upgrade them all, start buying a land, and throwing a t5 on there, aswell as getting it level 2. I highly reccommend doing this until you have all highlands, considerin the upgrade to level 3 is 100b. You may either do that startegy to getting all your lands out of the way...or you can upgrade them when your lands become higher than the 100b upgrade, completely your choice.

    Congrats..Gold is now easy to make, but you still got big numbers to go till HFBC. Unlocked at HL 15, I highly doubt you didn't go into these lands when you were in the middle of HLBC. Well, wherever you are at, I strongly recommend buying your lands up until they cost 200b and greater. At this point, start building a strong ally market. You will start to get a large influx of gold daily, and at that you will find your lands/buildings are a small hit to take, but worth it at that point. Good luck!

    IMPORTANT NOTICE: Make sure you always maintain MAX PLUNDER before buying your land or upgrading! This is huge :!: :!: :!:

    This is the easiest way to HFBC. Good luck my fellow KaWee!



    Volleying Allies Volleying allies is one of the best ways of making money. In order to volley an ally, you need 3 or more people. 1 person to be bought and 2 or more people who hire. How it works is player A buys player B and then player C buys player B then player A buys player B back then player C buys player B back. This continues until player B is at a certain price point.

    Every time you hire an ally, the price of that ally goes up by 5% As such, whenever you hire an ally an it gets hired away, you get 1.6% more gold then before. So as an example, you buy an ally that costs 100 gold. After you hire that ally, it costs 105 gold. The price continues to go up by 5% every time it is hired. The profit is now announced in your notifications when your ally is hired.

    As such, you can make lots of gold from hiring/volleying allies. Please note that it can take up to 2 seconds until you can re-hire an ally.

    Dropping Allies Dropping allies isn't worth doing. If you just bought that ally today, you will only receive 4.5% of that ally's price. The price of your drop will continue to raise however. The longer you own that ally (in days) will make the drop refund increase by 4.5% up to 60% (will take 15 days to get that %).

    General Uses/Benefits of Allies

    Uses of Allies- People use allies for a lot of things. You can use them for banking your money, volleying, getting stronger, and getting higher plunder!

    Benefits of Allies- Benefits of having allies are more money from attacks. That meaning, you will receive ALLIED PLUNDER when you have a successful hit against an Epic Battle or opposing player. Another HUGE benefit is allies give you strength! This strength is determined by the magic number .02%. Yup, you will receive .02% of your ally stats tacked on to YOUR RAW stats. I.e. You have 1m attack stats. You hire an ally with 1m attack stats. Your raw attack stats is 1.02m.

    Max Plunder Having Max Plunder is key to progressing in Kingdoms at War. In order to get it, you must have lots and lots of gold in allies. Plunder is the bonus from your allies. You can tell when you have max plunder when you attack an enemy, buy an ally, attack the same enemy, and your "bonus from allies" doesn't go up. Here is a picture of an attack.


    Some players like to think if you multiply your combined stat total by 5500, this will be the number needed in allies to obtain max plunder.

    The Marketplace

    At the Marketplace you can buy Attack Potions, Defense Potions, Spy Attack Potions, Spy Defense Potions, Speakers, and Bronze Bars. You also have access to The Oracle here. POTIONS ARE NOT PERMANENT.

    Attack Potions-
    To use an Attack Potion, you buy Attack Potions, attack someone, and click on which ones you want to use when the screen comes up. You can use 1 of every Attack Potion per attack (If you own one of every Attack Potion). When you sell an Attack Potion, you get 75% of the cost back.

    Defense Potions-
    Defense Potions are automatically used whenever you are attacked. You will use up to one of every Defense Potion, depending on the attacker's strength. When you sell an Defense Potion, you get 75% of the cost back.

    Spy Attack Potions-
    To use a Spy Attack Potion, you buy Spy Attack Potions, steal or assassinate someone, and click on which ones you want to use when the screen comes up. You can use 1 of every Spy Attack Potion per attack (If you own one of every Spy Attack Potion). When you sell a Spy Attack Potion, you get 75% of the cost back.

    Spy Defense Potions-
    Spy Defense Potions are automatically used whenever you are stole from or assassinated. You will use up to one of every Spy Defense Potion, depending on the spier's strength. When you sell a Spy Defense Potion, you get 75% of the cost back.

    To get speakers, you can either buy a pro pack or buy a speaker. Buying one speaker costs 1 nobility point. iPod Touch/ iPhone/iPad/Kindle/Android users automatically get 5 speakers daily to a maximum of 25.

    Bronze Bars-
    Bronze bars are dropped from various amounts of Epic Battles, and at various amounts per drop. Each bar is worth 30m gold, and will sell for 22.5m. These are the fasted way to bank gold into an item, and can earn a large bonus off of Epic's, up to 11b!

    The Oracle
    In The Oracle, you pay for everything with health crystals, nobility points, or real money. You can also see how many Nobility Points and Health Crysyals you have at the top.

    The Alchemist
    To unlock the alchemist you have to upgrade your castle to level 2. In order to do so, you have to low land complete (buy all LowLands). In the alchemist you will find various spells of sorts. Some spells will increase the strength of spies, some troops, some will change the color of your name, etc. In order to activate these spells you need MITHRIL. To obtain mithril, you must win ON SYSTEM WARS, or alternitively buy them (only when you are at 6 or less mithril). Prices will go up when you begin to upgrade. You can also exchange some mithril for new equipment!

    The Mage
    To unlock the mage, you must upgrade your castle to level 3. In order to do so, you must have explored 12 Highlands. In the mage you will have the opportunity to enchant you equipment! When you enchant your equipment, it will obtain a higher stat. Not all equipment is enchantable, and it is NOT a 100% success rate. If you are lucky you will get a succesfull enchantment! If not, it may do nothing but waste your inferno/aqua (elements needed to enchant, see EB under earning money) or it may lose levels. :twisted:
    To enchant your Alchemist purchased equipment, you must use your obtained mithril. MOST equipment that is bought from the Alchemist is at a 100% success rate.

    **You can also buy (not sell) inferno for 7.5b or aqua for 5 health crystals.**

    Nobility Points-
    You can get Nobility Points from quests, buy a Pro Pack, or buy Nobility Points seperately. The cost of 50 Nobility Points is $4.99, the cost of 100 Nobility Points is $9.99, the cost of 200 Nobility Points is $19.99, and the cost of 750 Nobility Points is $74.99. If you buy a Pro Pack, you will get said amount of nobility points ***iDEVICE ONLY***

    Health Crystals-
    You can get Health Crystals from questing, and you can just buy Health Crystals seperately. The cost of 1 Health Crystal is $0.99, the cost of 6 Health Crystals is $4.99, the cost of 32 Health Crystals is $19.99, and the cost of 168 Health Crystals is $99.99. You can also get Health Crystals from Pro Packs. ***ANDROID/KINDLE/PC***

    1 Regeneration costs 10 nobility points or 1 Health Crystal. This instantly gives you full soldiers and spies.

    For 15 Nobility Points you get free gold. The amount of gold you get is 7% of your next land cost.Alternitively, the price of your nobility to gold transfer will increase if you are LLBC (have all t4 level 3 buildings in lowlands) and start putting t4 level 3 in highlands (it will increase even more per t5 level 1-3 up).

    New Username-
    For 20 Nobility Points you can change your username. There is a 30 character limit and you can make your name whatever you want it to be as long as there is no foul language involved or someone else doesn't already have it.

    Pro Packs-
    The Pro Packs all give you permanent items and Nobility Points Health Crystals, and Speakers. They are all in-app purchases. They are The Hero Pack, Shadow Pack, Chaos Pack, Mercenary Pack, Sabotage Pack, Guardian Pack, and the Seige Pack.

    Hero Pack-
    The Hero Pack costs $9.99 and when purchased gives you a Generals Helmet. The Generals Helmet gives you a 10% bonus to Attack and Defense. You also recieve 50 Speakers and 60 Nobility Points OR 6 Health Crystals.

    Shadow Pack-
    The Shadow Pack costs $9.99 and when purchased gives you a Fiery Amulet. The Fiery Amulet gives you a 10% bonus to Spy Attack and Spy Defense. You also recieve 50 Speakers and 60 Nobility Points OR 6 Health Crystals.

    Chaos Pack-
    The Chaos Pack costs $49.99 and when purchased gives you a Scimitar. The Scimitar gives you a 10% bonus to Attack and Defense and Spy Attack and Spy Defense. You also recieve 100 Speakers and 500 Nobility Points OR 50 Health Crystals.

    Mercenary Pack-
    The Mercenary Pack costs $1.99 and when purchased gives you a Mystical Skull. The Mystical Skull gives you a 5% bonus to Spy Defense. You also recieve 10 Speakers and 10 Nobility Points OR 2 Health Crystals.

    Sabotage Pack-
    The Sabotage Pack costs $1.99 and when purchased gives you a Black Gem. The Black Gem gives you a 5% bonus to Spy Attack. You also recieve 10 Speakers and 10 Nobility Points OR 2 Health Crystals.

    Guardian Pack-
    The Guardian Pack costs $1.99 and when purchased gives you a Guardians Helmet. The Guardians Helmet gives you a 5% bonus to Defense. You also recieve 10 Speakers and 10 Nobility Points OR 2 Health Crystals.

    Seige Pack-
    The Seige Pack costs $1.99 and when purchased gives you a Dwarven Axe. The Dwarven Axe gives you a 5% bonus to Attack. You also recieve 10 Speakers and 10 Nobility Points OR 2 Health Crystals.



    Clans are possibly the most important things in Kingdoms at War. I'm not going to delve much into clans, but they are very important to Kingdoms at War.

    Running a Clan-
    There are a few mechanics to running a clan. They are only available to admins/owners. Some are only available to owners.

    Joining a Clan-
    In order to join a clan, you must click clan then search then search the name of the clan you want to join, then click join. You then must wait for an owner/admin to accept/reject your request to join.

    Creating a Clan-
    You can be on any device to do this. Creating a clan costs 100 Nobility Points or 25 billion gold. Anyone can do this, and will recieve ownership of the clan that you have created. *Make sure you are ready to run a clan. It takes lots of generosity and dedication to do this

    Accepting/Rejecting Applicants-
    To Accept/Reject Applicants Get onto your clan page, click on applicants, then accept or reject the applicants. Owners or Admins can do this.

    Editing Clan Page-
    You can be on any device to do this. Get onto your clan page and simply click "edit clan description" and then you can type in whatever you want the description to be. Owners or Admins can do this.

    Editing Titles-
    You can be on any device to do this. Get onto your clan page and simply scroll down to the member whose title you want to change, click manage, and then type in the title you want. Owners or Admins can do this, however only Owners can change Admin's titles.

    Making Admins-
    You can be on any device to do this. Get onto your clan page and simply scroll down to the person you want, click manage, and click set to admin. Only Owners can do this.

    Transferring Ownership-
    You can be on any device to do this. Get onto your clan page and scroll down to the person you want. Then click manage and finally, click set to owner. Only Owners can do this, and once done, they lose their ownership.

    Clan Announcement-
    In order to change your clan announcement, click on it and then type in whatever you want. There is a 90 character limit here. Owners or Admins can do this.

    Please view the Wars section for more information. **If you have low PC access, download the cloud browse app and you can manage your clan from there.



    Wars are an important part of Kingdoms at War. Without them how would we settle disputes :)? In order to be in a war, you must be in a clan that is warring.

    Starting a War-
    To start a war you first must be an owner/admin of a clan. You must then challenge another clan. The challenged clan has 12 hours to accept the war or else the challenge is discarded. To accept the war, you must be an owner/admin of a challenged clan. It takes 3 votes for a war to be accepted (or less, depending on how many admins you have). It takes one vote to reject a war. You have 3-24 hours from when the war is challenged until the war starts. There are 3 different types of wars currently, a 8 hour, 24 hour, and a 48 hour. There is also now a Estocs Edge type of war (more information will be added about it when it is officially out).

    During a War-
    During a war the objective is to make as much plunder as you can. Also, whenever you attack someone or steal from someone in a war a certain percentage of how much you take is deducted as "war tax" and goes towards your clan's plunder. A picture of war tax is coming up.


    To view how much your clan has made click on clan and then view war and it will show the amount of plunder your clan has raised, a link to your clan's war roster, how many succesful attacks, steals, assassinations, and scouts your clan has done, and how long is left in the war. It will also show the same for the other clan.

    After a War-
    After a war you can view how much plunder you and your clanmates raised individually. To do this you click clan, war history, details, player stats, and boom. Plunder raised by individuals. Also, IF your clan defeats the opposing clan, your clan will be awarded with mithril (used in the Alchemist).

    Estoc Trials/Rancor Wars!
    This is war system was created to give player's a bigger reason to war..and to not do system wars. System wars could be a lot of fun, or complete and total turtle wars (nothing really happens). During these wars the object is to score big, work as a team, and be ACTIVE. During these wars, each player has a set plunder score. This plunder score is earned by players attacking others for gold (dur). NOW, assassinations and scouts will generate plunder!..but barely any. Big things you should know:
    - KO's
    KO is when you completely deplete the opposing player's troop AND spy bar. This meaning you can completely whipe out their army. Doing so you will take a chunk of their earned plunder and add it to yours. By doing this you may lose MORE of your plunder (score) when you are KO'ed so be careful. When you are KO'ed you will not be able to be put back in the game for 15 minutes. Nobody can hit you, you can't hit anybody.
    - Tracking
    Tracking is almost a key thing in these wars. When somebody is KO'ed it will be announced in both YOURS'S and your OPPONETS clan chats. This meaning, they will keep track of your KO time and KO you (most likely) as soon as you come out of KO.
    - Coordination
    You will want to assign players certain targets, or keep certain players KO'ed. Be coordinated and don't go whacking people solo. You will need to work as a CLAN to win this, don't be a hero.
    - Self KO
    When you are getting attacked by several people, self KO asap! When you self KO you will lose part of your plunder score..but they will not gain any! Plus, if they KO you, you will lose more.

    Rancor Wars- are based on Seasons. They act as the same way of an Estoc Trial War, but will have a specific twist (must see war detail per war). These twists can be KO time adjustments, roaster number adjustments, and perhaps dtw/dts adjustments. If you are able to win a rancor war, you will receive 2, 3, or 4 rancor (3 or 4 is only available at the end of the season).
    After the season is completed, players will get equipment based on their level of rancor. 1-9 = 1 equipment piece. 10-19 = 2 equipment pieces..and so on until you hit 50 which will grant you 6 equipment pieces.

    Estoc's Edge
    This is the main reward from WINNING Estoc Trials wars. This is said to be an added spell you get when you win the war. This spell, or edge..Will give you a % bonus to SELF plunder earned in ALL Epic Battles..and will increase your chances by said % to receive drops! There are 5 levels of this edge/spell.
    - Level 1. 25% Bronze
    - Level 2. 32% Bronze
    - Level 3. 37% Silver
    - Level 4. 42% Silver
    - Level 5. 50% Gold
    This spell/edge is NOT PERMANENT. This will last for 2 WEEKS. If you LEAVE or are KICKED (SEASONS ONLY: You may leave or be kicked and maintain your Estoc Edge level) from the clan you earned it in, it will decrease by ONE level, timer will not reset! If you LOSE an Estoc War, you will LOSE a level, timer will reset! If you WIN an Estoc War you will GAIN a level, and timer will reset! If you are at gold, you MUST war again within the 2 weeks for timer to reset! If your timer runs out...You will lose ALL LEVELS!!

    Getting Started

    Now, I'm going to try and walk you through the beginning phases of Kingdoms at War.

    To start off, do the quest "Excavate" until it is mastered. After that, do the quest "The Hunt for Treasure" until you are out of troops.

    After you are out of troops, select a target from the battle list that has a "good reward" and steal from them 5 times. Then find another that has a "good reward" and steal from them 5 times. Continue this until you are you of spies.

    When you are out of spies, sell your guild and build a workshop on the land. Also, buy as many lands as you can at this time and build workshops, stables , or barracks on the lands.

    After you have done this, wait until your troops regenerate to 400 at least.

    When you are finished regenerating, look for a player that has 400 attack and 200 defense. Attack this person 5 times. Regenerate to 400 troops again.

    While you are waiting to regenerate, find a different 400 attack and 200 defense player to attack. When you are at 400 troops again, attack this person 5 times.

    Repeat the above step continuosly.

    As soon as you have enough gold to buy land, buy land. Build a workshop, barrack, or stable on it. Continue this until you have 9 lands. If you ever have to step out for real life, do the quest "The Hunt for Treasure" until you have 250 troops and then do the quest "Excavate" until you have no troops left.

    Once you have 9 lands you should start upgrading your buildings. Attack people or do quests for money and you should be fine! It would also be wise to get a spy building on your tenth land!

    Also, a good idea is to enter a referral code. You can find one in the referral code forums (see forums section for more information). Make sure that the person's code that you're adding offers a volley and lists peoples names that enter their code. Also, check their thread to make sure that there are no people complaining about not getting their volley.

    This guide, if followed correctly, should get you to 9 lands quickly and easily. If you want to learn more, I'd suggest looking at the "Making Money" section.


    Making Money

    The following is a list of simple and easy ways to make gold.

    Attacking is the most obvious way of making money. If you attack someone, you get gold depending on how strong the enemy is.

    Stealing is also an obvious way to make money. If you steal from someone, you get gold depending on how strong the enemy is.

    Being Hired/Volleyed-
    Being hired gets you some good money as well. Each time you're hired, you get gold. The amount of gold you get goes up every time you're hired, capping at the hire cost of 75million giving you 1million every time you're hired.

    Hiring/Volleying Allies-
    Hiring/Volleying Allies is one of the best ways of making money. Please view the Allies/Volleying section for more information.

    Wars have potential to make you lots of money or none and maybe some mithril. See the wars section for more information.


    Epic Battles-
    Epic Battles are currently the most common, and the easiest way of making money. In order to participate in Epic Battles you must join a clan that are involved in them. There are currently 7 Tiers of Epic Battles, 1 being easiest, 7 being hardest. You will earn gold by hitting these Epic Battles, and if you beat the Epic Battle in the duruation of it, you will be rewarded with gold and possibly equipment, bronze bars, potions, aqua/inferno or a treasure tomb!
    Tier 1 - The Hogs - No special Drops
    Tier 2 - The Octopuses - The Reckoning drops *Equipment
    Tier 3 - The Trolls - Origins drop *Equipment
    Tier 4 - The Golems - No Mans Land and The Destroyer drops *Equipment
    Tier 5 - Spooky Ghosts - No Quarter, City of the Dead, and Figure of Death may drop *Equipment, **Potions, ***Bronze Bars, ****Treasure, *****Aqua/Inferno
    Tier 6 - The Trees - Talons of Carnage, New Growth, Scionic Storm, and Sporavek's Revenage may drop *Equipment, **Potions, ***Bronze Bars, *****Aqua/Inferno
    Tier 7 - Dragons - The Barren Orchard, Terrain Travails, Crossing the Threshold, Cave of Riches, and The Gilded Lord may drop *Equipment, **Potions, ***Bronze Bars, *****Aqua/Inferno
    Tier 8 - Scorpions - Storm the Palace, Viper's Den, Desert Sting, and A Cold Calling all may drop *Equipment, **Potions, ***Bronze Bars, ****Aqua/Inferno
    Tier 9 - Estoc War EB - Only The Vanished Paladin Epic is in this section. This is because if you lose your Estoc War you will be allowed to do this Epic once. It will pay well up front, and will reward anyone with a fair amount of work in the Epic 10-13 Mithril.
    Tier 10 - Ice Barbarian - Frozen City, Wasteland Wilds, Glacial Squall, **COMING SOON**, all may drop *Equipment, **Potions, ***Bronze Bars, Aqua/Inferno
    *Equipment -
    Equipment are attatchments to your kingdom troops/spies that increase your stats. If the bonus is a stat bonus, this stat is worked out as BFA stats. If the bonus is a precentage bonus, this is determined by the strength of that certain stat. If your bonus is a 10% bonus to attack, and you have 100m attack strength bonus, it will be a 10m strength bonus. If you use many troops and your strength is 20m, your bonus for that hit is 2m. Certain Epic Battles drop certain equipment piece(s), no EB drops the same exact pieces.
    All eqic battles in the tree EBs, and dragon EBs will drop potions, additionally so will Figure of Deaath and City of the Dead. The drop on potions will be depending on the Epic Battle/Epic Battle series. No matter which of the epics you do, you will receive a set number of potions depending on your contribution to the Epic Battle. ALSO! If you have the equipment piece that drops in that said EB, you will receive better potions as a reward instead! Again, that potion(s) will be determinded on which EB (contribution doesn't matter if you get lucky).
    ***Bronze Bars.
    Bronze bars is awarded with the newer and better potions from the statement above, GENERALLY. Most of the time you receive potions (awarded if you already have the equipment drop) you will receive bronze bars, there is also a chance you will only receive one of the two!
    ****Treasure drops. Treasure drops are very rare, and very awesome. Treasure drops are only awarded in City of the Dead, and Figure of Death. Contribution to the EB does not vary the amount of gold awarded, luck does. From City of the Dead, you can earn anywhere between 9b-13b gold. In FIgure of Death, you can be awarded 12-17b gold.
    These two elements are awarded in portions of (1) or (3) from varying Epic Battles. These elements are needed in order to enchant certain equipment in the Mage. You can alternitivly buy Aqua for 5 Health Crystals, and or Inferno for 7.5b gold. BEWARE! The mage may or may not enchant succesfully! If you do not sucseed in enchanment the element will be no more. Your enchantment may also break part of the already enchanted equipment and lose some stats..or all! Be cautious!


    Equipment is probably the most wanted thing in the game. To earn equipment you need troops..spies..and a little bit of luck! There are currently THREE different ways to obtain equipment.
    - 1. Epic Battles
    That's right, your money makers who make so much money, money money money..Drop helpful equipment. You can check the Epic Battle section for what EB's drop equipment...No, I will not be giving you what EB drops what ;) Go find out by trying them, it'll be fun!
    - 2. Special Events!
    Summer wars was the only special event to happen so far, and my oh my did it give beautiful equipment (lolololol). The developers told us there would be more special events so stay tuned! Only 3 equipment pieces have been awarded, 1 to the quarter finalists, 2 to the semi, and 3 to the champs!
    - 3. Buy it! Via Mithril
    The Red Palidans equipment is available for purchase! This is a set, and it is supposed to be an offensive equipment set. The equipment is bought in the alchemist, and is purchasable with mithril ONLY, so go war you EB noobs. **NOTE** Most Alchemist Equipment has a 100$ success rate!

    Equipment is ENCHANTABLE!!
    What does this mean?!? You can make CERTAIN equipment pieces even stronger! You must have unlocked the mage to enchant your equipment however. You must ALSO have the required amount of Inferno/Aqua needed. Check the Epic Battle section to see which epic battles drop these elements. BEWARE: Attempting to enchant equipment may resault in a FAILURE or RESET to your enchanment level!

    You may notice that your equipment will say +#% as your bonus. This will give you a % bonus to your current STRENGTH. When I say current, I mean how high your troop/spy count/total is. I.e. You have 10k troops and 20m strength in attack. You receive an equipment piece that gives you +5% attack. At full troops, your first hit will have a bonus of 1m! Just say you hit a bit and have 5k troops left. At THAT hit, you will get a bonus of 500k.

    You may also notice your equipment will say a set number bonus. That bonus WILL NOT CHANGE DUE TO TROOP STRENGTH OR COUNT. This bonus is acted as BFA (Bonus from allies). You see your stats? Well that is your raw stats..right? The equipment you receive gives a 10m bonus to attack. Take 2% of that number and add it to your raw stats and there you go! Your stats when you attack EBs/People/Quest!


    Achievements are pretty fun. The more active you are and the longer you have played the more achievements you'll have. I'll try to touch up on all 27 of them.

    Conqueror- Gotten by attacking people/EB succesfully.

    Level 1- 3 successful attacks
    Level 2- 10 successful attacks
    Level 3- 85 successful attacks
    Level 4- 600 successful attacks
    Level 5- 1,300 successful attacks

    Slayer- Gotten by attacking people/EB succesfully.

    Level 1- 10,000 successful attacks
    Level 2- 25,000 successful attacks
    Level 3- 60,000 successful attacks

    Vanquiser Gotten by attacking people/EB succesfully.

    Level 1- 120,000 successful attacks
    Level 2- 300,000 successful attacks
    Level 3- 500,000 successful attacks

    Scout- Gotten by scouting people/EB succesfully.

    Level 1- 15 successful scouts
    Level 2- 150 successful scouts
    Level 3- 1500 successful scouts
    Level 4- 5000 successful scouts
    Level 5- 10000 successful scouts

    Lookout- Gotten by scouting people/EB succesfully.

    Level 1- 15,000 successful scouts
    Level 2- 22,000 successful scouts
    Level 3- 40,000 successful scouts

    Vangaurd Gotten by scouting people/EB succesfully.

    Level 1- 80,000 successful scouts
    Level 2- 110,000 successful scouts
    Level 3- 150,000 successful scouts

    Thief- Gotten by stealing from people/EB succesfully.

    Level 1- 10 successful steals
    Level 2- 20 successful steals
    Level 3- 85 successful steals
    Level 4- 300 successful steals
    Level 5- 650 successful steals

    Rouge Gotten by stealing from people/EB succesfully.

    Level 1- 10,000 successful steals
    Level 2- 12,500 successful steals
    Level 3- 27,500 successful steals

    Swindler Gotten by stealing from people/EB succesfully.

    Level 1- 50,000 successful steals
    Level 2- Future Update successful steals
    Level 3- Future Update successful steals

    Assassin- Gotten by assassinating people/EB succesfully.

    Level 1- 10 successful assassinations
    Level 2- 24 successful assassinations
    Level 3- 85 successful assassinations
    Level 4- 200 successful assassinations
    Level 5- 600 successful assassinations

    Cutthroat- Gotten by assassinating people/EB succesfully.

    Level 1- 8,000 successful assassinations
    Level 2- 22,000 successful assassinations
    Level 3- 55,000 successful assassinations

    Exacutioner Gotten by assassinating people/EB succesfully.

    Level 1- 110,000 successful assassinations
    Level 2- 275,000 successful assassinations
    Level 3- 500,000 successful assassinations

    Defender- Gotten by defending against attacks succesfully.

    Level 1- 1 successful defenses
    Level 2- 10 successful defenses
    Level 3- 35 successful defenses
    Level 4- 85 successful defenses
    Level 5- 900 successful defenses

    Quest Mastery- Gotten by mastering quests.

    Level 1- 5 mastered quests
    Level 2- 10 mastered quests
    Level 3- 25 mastered quests
    Level 4- 50 mastered quests
    Level 5- 69 mastered quests

    Explorer- Gotten by exploring lands.

    Level 1- 4 lands explored
    Level 2- 10 lands explored
    Level 3- 12 lands explored
    Level 4- 15 lands explored
    Level 5- 25 lands explored

    Highland Explorer

    Level 1- 4 Highlands explored
    Level 2- 10 Highlands explored
    Level 3- 12 Highlands explored
    Level 4- 15 Highlands explored
    Level 5- 25 Highlands explored

    Hoarfrost Icebreaker

    Level 1- Discovered the Hoarfrost Lands
    Level 2- 4 Hoarfrost Lands explored
    Level 3- 12 Hoarfrost Lands explored
    Level 4- 20 Hoarfrost Lands explored
    Level 5- 25 Hoarfrost Lands explored

    Fortress Builder

    Level 1- Level 2 Castle Upgrade

    Level 2- Level 3 Castle Upgrade

    Commander- Gotten by hiring allies.

    Level 1- 5 allies owned
    Level 2- 20 allies owned
    Level 3- 50 allies owned
    Level 4- 100 allies owned
    Level 5- 250 allies owned

    Clan Leader- Gotten by creating a clan.

    Level 1- 1 Clan Created.

    Recruiter- Gotten by owning a clan with a lot of members.

    Level 1- 5 members in your clan
    Level 2- 20 members in your clan
    Level 3- 50 members in your clan
    Level 4- 80 members in your clan
    Level 5- 100 members in your clan

    Call to Arms- Gotten by referring people.

    Level 1- 1 person referred
    Level 2- 5 people referred
    Level 3- 8 people referred
    Level 4- 10 people referred
    Level 5- 20 people referred

    Loyalty- Gotten by playing for a long time.

    Level 1- 1 days played
    Level 2- 3 days played
    Level 3- 7 days played
    Level 4- 90 days played
    Level 5- 120 days played

    Connected- Gotten by using both PC, iDevice/Android/Kindle.

    Level 1- Link account on PC, iDevice/Android/Kindle.

    Beta tester-

    Level 1- Awarded for participating in a Beta program.

    Moderator- Gotten by becoming a moderator.

    Level 1- Awarded by the developers.

    Forum Moderator-

    Level 1- Awarded by the developers.


    All-Star - 1
    All-Star - 2
    All-Star - 3

    World Leader

    Level 1- Top 100
    Level 2- Top 50
    Level 3- Top 20
    Level 4- Top 5
    Level 5- Top 1

    Rancor Rage

    Level 1- Award by participating in the preseason week of a Rancor War Season.

    Rancor Fury

    Level 1- Level 1-14 rancor by the end of the season.
    Level 2- Level 15-29 rancor by the end of the season.
    Level 3- Level 30-39 rancor by the end of the season.
    Level 4- Level 40-49 rancor by the end of the season.
    Level 5- Level 50 rancor by the end of the season.

    Valiant Knight

    Level 1- Award by the developers to players who have had a positive impact the Kingdoms at War community for a long period of time. No questions asked.

    Current VKs



    The leaderboards are full of the strongest and best members of Kingdoms at War (The most expensive ones too). There are 4 individual leaderboards (Overall, Battles, Allies, and Valuable) and 2 clan leaderboards (Prestige, Strength)

    Individual Leaderboards
    The Individual LeaderBoard is made of the best players of Kingdoms at War. The four sections here are Overall, Battles, Allies, and Valuable.

    Overall LeaderBoard-
    The Overall LeaderBoard is made of the strongest players of KaW. These Players have the best stats and the best allies. They are the best of the best. The positions here are determined by your overall strength, how many allies you have, and how many attacks/spy actions YOU have won (defense actions won do not count).

    Battles LeaderBoard-
    The Battles LeaderBoard is made of the players with the most battles won. These players are all very active and strong. The positions here are determined by how many battles YOU have won.

    Allies Leaderboard-
    The Allies LeaderBoard is made of the players with the best allies. These players are likely to be on the Overall Leaderboard. The positions here are determined by how big your BFA is.

    Valuable LeaderBoard-
    The Valuable LeaderBoard is made of the most expensive players. These players are all very popular and have very rich friends. The positions here are made up by your hire cost.

    Clan LeaderBoard
    The Clan LeaderBoard is made of the best clans in Kingdoms at War. The two sections are: Prestige (currently can only be earned by winning special kinds of wars) and strength (overall).

    Strongest LeaderBoard-
    The Strongest LeaderBoard is made of the strongest clans. These clans are the best of the best. The positions here are determined by how strong the people in your clan are.

    Prestige LeaderBoard-
    The Prestige LeaderBoard is only awarded to the best of the best. These clans have participated in a special kind of war (i.e. summer war) and have won. The higher the better. If you win, it goes up. If you lose, it goes down.


    Terms of Use

    First things first...I cannot stress this enough but,
    The Terms of Use is set for a user friendly game base of the age of 9 and up. HOWEVER, to accept the Terms of Use you have to be the age of 13 and up, OR have parent consent.

    Please keep in mind that this is copied and pasted from the help section with a few minor changes.

    You may not do any of the following to Kingdoms at War:

    - Use Kingdoms at War in any manner that could damage, disable, overburden, disrupt or impair Kingdoms at War or any A Thinking Ape server, or the network(s) connected to any A Thinking Ape server, or interfere with any other party's use and enjoyment of Kingdoms at War

    - Disobey any applicable policies or regulations of networks connected to Kingdoms at War

    - Modify, adapt, translate or reverse engineer Kingdoms at Waruse any robot, spider, site search/retrieval application, or other device to retrieve or index any portion of Kingdoms at War

    - Use any robot, spider, site search/retrieval application, or other device to play Kingdoms at Warframe Kingdoms at War or reformat them in any way

    - Create user accounts using any automated means or under false pretenses (e.g. multiple accounts for the same person)- Use any foul/coarse language

    - Spam in world chat: 3 or more messages of same/similar content within a 5 minute time period will get you silenced by the moderator whom catches it. Spam in forums: posting completely unneeded threads, posting many threads of same crap/good crap, and or writing gibirish.

    - Bypass: Modifying a word to get past the filter in world chat or forums is not tolerated. If you are caught doing, your post will be deleted and you will receive a silence.

    It is not wise to mess with Kingdoms at War Terms of Use. Follow them and your KaW career will be fun and enjoyable.
    I STRONGLY suggest you read all of the Terms of Use. This will not only benefit you, but will keep the game clean and suitable for a 9 and up game

    Quick Links!

    Miss Melon's Hansel Guide

    Val's T5 Hansel Guide

    Those two hansel guides are both very well written and put. Choose which ever helps the most.

    Questions and Answers Thread!
    This link will bring you to the thread where you may post ANY kingdoms at war related questions you may have. No it is not my wall, but feel free to drop by if need be.

    Epic Battle Guide
    This thread is what it says. There are exactly 30 Epic Battles currently in Kingdoms at War, and this covers them all!

    Potions for Dummies
    Perfect thread that contains all potions. It shows the BFP (bonus from pots) in raw stat forum, price, sell price etc.

    Account Transfers
    If you're having account problems I feel bad for you son, I searched 99 threads and I found you one!

    KaW Moderators
    Interested about becoming a moderator? Interested about knowing what a moderator is, does, and who were all KaW moderators? Well, click the link above!

    Delphin's Index of Links
    This link will direct you to an awesome thread that will help you if you are lost in forums!

    My forum leaderboard
    This thread just shows the forum leaderboard. It does not update automatically, I will update when possible. More of a for fun thread =)

    Advice/Behvior in Forums
    This won't be something that you must do to be liked, respected, good or whatever in forums; this will be how to be a good contributor to forums.
    So you read forums a lot and want to get started? Well don't just JUMP right on into it, take it slowly and learn before posting. By that, I mean really learn the forums. The look, the sections, the posters, and what it runs like. You really would want to learn the PROs of the Forums (what to post, how to determine your post will contribute etc) and the CONs of Forums (what posters hate, pet peve's, what not to do). Posters want to learn, talk, and have fun in forums. Posters don't want to see little crappy two sentence threads not once, and especially no thread more than once.
    Long, meaningful, well thought out and hard worked THREADS! What is a thread? It's what this is! No, it is not a forum. A forum is where the thread is posted, in the forum sections.
    WAIT! STOP! Before you click the post reply button answer this..Have you read the OP (Original Post)? Have you read the comments to make sure your question/feedback hasn't already been said? If you can answer yes to those, then you should make your comment! If you have the same feedback, then hell, agree with whom posted it! I always love forumers who read their post over more than once, and whom actually take time into posting.
    BE INSIGHTFUL. BE RESPECTFUL. By that, I mean feel free to argue over an opinionated thread; try not to be an ass about it though.
    Have fun.
    Try not to complain about every little thing.
    Check over your grammar.
    Know what the thread is about.
    Think before you speak.
    If you plan on making a thead I strongly encourage you read this thread before doing so: How to make a succesful thread

    Well, there it is. If you see *future update* please wall me if you can fill it in and I will update it ASAP. Thank you everybody!

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