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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Lonesong, May 1, 2019.

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    [title=white yellow]i can use bb codes[/title]
    heys guys its me your boys lonesongs here
    so its been a while since my last moderator application and i thought since i didnt get accepted i would just make a new application and see what happens.

    first off, let me list some points in my favor.

    1. i am very smart. i have a very high iq. it means that i will make big brain decisions.
    2. i can use bb codes
    3. im not a valint knight but i should be ome so i think it
    4. counts
    5. i will silence people in world chat who disagree with me and lock threads that critcize me or other mods even though i could just let the thread play out and die on its own

    when you think of someone named lonesong what do you think of?

    (here is a picture of me):

    stats and stuff

    alright so here are my actual stats equip and charms not included of course i have a lot of those and also a lot of seals i spend a lot of money on this game


    ok now lets list some things i have done and achievements

    1. made a lot of bad threads in the past
    2. am active in world chat i stay stuff like BRUHHH
    3. SYSTEM War and Osw so you know im a cool guy with lots of friends and a hot girlfriend
    4. graduated from middle school
    5. one time i was rank 1 on the pvp weekend leaderboard so i think i deserve some recognition for that
    6. ich sprechen sie deutsch. (aber nicht so gut)

    basically, support me or when i become
    mod i will silence you

    alright thanks guys hipe devs see this LETS GET TO 5000 likes!!!!
  2. oops sorry misspell
  3. They denied u cause u sent it to modergators instead of

    funny thread tho.. good reading,but I think everyone tired of hearing the word moderators already. But maybe spending a few more $$$$ and you may get there attention for a mod..GL
  4. no i think i sent it right i just uploaded it
  6. hi it me, dev

    cf denied

    love u,

  7. Full support. this was a great application. good luck bruhhh
  8. thank you bery much. i will spare you in the end. you will not br silneced
  9. Don elect lon. He gona silence me for no rison. He tol me so when i rifused to rp with him
  10. You're too kind. You are destined to be the King of Mods
  11. Full support
  12. :lol: :lol: :lol:
  13. Haha nice thread
  14. LOL. This got me good.

    In other news, what can I do to disagree with you when you say things like "bruh" in wc? Say "guuuuuuuurl!" back at you? I'm highly interested in getting silenced when you become a mod.
  15. i shall spare you thrawn. you may live
  16. shut up you idiot face dumb head pooper
  17. god this is a dream come true thank you for your approval roni
  18. Oof you got my vote 