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  1. This is my post voting for OBITO to be listed as best mod ever. When ever someone is disobeying the rules hes always there to silence them. Now thats commitment so i vote OBITO FOR #1 MODERATOR
  2. I already see eagle coming in from the distance. This is nice to know? I guess
  3. All the mods silences players for a reason/no reason. So nothing new to me.
  4. Obito for #1 Admin?

    lol w@?
  5. OBITO for number on moderator
  6. OBITO doesnt
  7. Obito totally abuses his power. I was going to report him but he threatened to farm me
  8. No he doesn't your lying
  9. I think there should be some questions in applying or interview that test their conduct like,

    "in a cold rainy night, you were riding in a car (with only two seats incuding yours) and then you saw three people at the side. One is an old woman who looks like she is about to die. The second one is your old friend who save your life and the last one is your dream girl. Who will you take a ride with you?"

    And the reason for someone's answer would determine if someone is good for a mod. But of course there should not only one question or something..... I just thought of it....
  10. Wasn't this guy silenced by Obito. 
  11. Who? The one above me?
  12. No i was silenced for no reason but not by OBITO
  13. Omar doesnt lie
  14. I'd put my dream girl in one seat and my old friend in the other with the old woman in their lap
  15. Screw the old woman. She can die yo
  16. I wouldn't make a thread for that question though.....
    Back to the main topic.....

    We hadn't see every sides you know so you wouldn't easily know if a mod is bad or not but if you insisted your belief then we can't do anything about that.....

    I'm just wondering if devs had a proper interview or some kind of questions that can identify if what will they do in different situations.....
  17. There is an application procedure in which you need to answers competency based questions and other experience questions.
  18. Oh... Thank you for that
    But are those questions can be faked or something like that?
  19. No problem you can view it on the ATA website
  20. The questionnaire is a google form. If anything is copied or whatever, the devs will know.

    From that google form, it has s spread sheet. And the devs can look at the apps and take people from the pool to go for the next stage.

    An email from them about moding is like getting a letter from hogwarts.