Moderator corruption and abuse of power

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  1. You gotta remember who we are talking about eagle lol... hes the thanos of kaw lol. He snapped his fingers and ended yafi remember
  2. Yes it was lol but it got unlocked
  3. Support
  4. It’s already been well documented mod corruption and abuse years ago in mods leak....several were “fired” and or stepped down being caught in many actions illegal to this game ...anyone who doesn’t realize the corruption at this point must be an impressionable 5 year old kid
  5. I member moose
  6. Devs have a shaky record at best when it comes to choosing mods who actually do there job and aren’t corrupted or abusing power
  7. All my silences have been just and fair.

    Good job Mods! ;) :)
  8. Maybe you drank too much of that tea....
  9. Maybe??? MAYBE!??
    Look here Guy!!

    ...You're probably right :)

    But I kinda have too.
    Y'see it's one of those immortality curses. I have to consume mass quantities of tea every day.
    Hence all the tea parties n such :D

    Das why I like England tho. Horrible weather, but good tea :)
    The Queen always throws a good tea party too!
    Lovely ole gal.
    Cant trust her worth a damn tho :)
  10. Interesting...
  11. Very interesting.... And yet I hate tea because tea is meh
  12. Derailed. Time to lock

  13. Oh look who’s back ...or did you ever really leave many times did you “quit” after mods leak?
  14. All mods are fair. Stay off wc if you're having issues.

  15. Buaaaahaahahahahahaahh!!!!
  16. You haven't had one of mine ;)
    Everyone always says I make the best tea!
    Because its made with love.
    ...And lots of sugar! :D

    Trust me, after you had mine, you'd want it all the time!

    Which is oddly jus like.....Ehem....never mind :)
  17. Cute alt, who are you again?

    Logging in for my 9 year badge, jelly bruh? :p

  18. How can a thread that's clearly a joke be derailed. I would like too see the snake eat a troll. Maybe that could be the next kaw pet....