Moderator corruption and abuse of power

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  1. This is being posted for all the players that have been unjustly silenced by the Malicious moderators. How dare they silence those innocent accts for spamming and other things against tou. I say we stand up and fight back against the tyranny. And cut the head off the snake known as Michael.
  2. That guy Drgn is a cool mod though
  3. SUPPORT
  4. Wasn’t this just locked?

  5. SHEEP
  6. Dude mod leaks was like 3 years ago....that pretty much said it all
  7. I wipe my butt with memories of moose
  8. Um no support...

    Idk tbh
  9. Support, banhamma Michael
  10. Michael is the worst
  11. Support?
    I remember when your tears flows all over kaw when your account was naked and pinned 24/7
  12. I remember when Benny went rogue
  13. Support . The other day that Thrawn guy was claiming that people who think pop tarts are sandwiches, he claimed they all are :
    ....radical...sandwich...anarchists... :gasp
  14. Ingredients and structure rebels
  15. Naked 24/7? Were you dreaming about that? And I never shed a tear on kaw thanks  and being in pinned back then? I do remember some actions but not enough to be in pin so keep dreaming boy, but I also had backup not only by yafi but by others as well, but you was to busy to see that.

    But what ever you wanna think and believe cause apparently you are a almighty NAL lol.