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  1. As KaW community players we should have a say who we want as moderators.
    Moderators should have a 1 year term. After a year when a moderator still want to stay can run again. We as KaW community should be able to vote if we want a moderator to stay based on his past merit.
    Any new moderators applications we should vote which we choose to be moderator. This will help KaW learn the important of voting. This will also make moderators more motivated to do the right thing not based on their feelings being hurt.
    Any suggestion are welcome
    Trolls are welcome they are part of online community too
    Devs I hope you consider this proposal to be part of KaW community
    Thank you again devs
  2. I will vote not for Dave the scammer who silence his victim.
  3. Who needs modz now that there is a individual Report feature on profiles and and wall post.

  4. Keep Dave tho he's freaking awesome 

    Wow.. I guess I gotta take that back to..just saw the whole thread about the PPP incident and the very last post CLEARLY SHOW THAT ONE PARTY HAD TO PAY FOR A BOTCHED DEAL...

    IF TRADE NEVER HAPPENED THEN WHY PAY A SEAL? And why silence if trade really did happen..ouch

    I vote....NO MODZ
  5. Musang for mod!!! Devs make this happen
  6. You do realise voting on mods means it becomes a popularity contest and in no way would increase quality of moderators right?

    Also do you honestly think at the end of a 1 year term that the people who were silenced (fairly or not) will want to reinstate mods who aren't pushovers? That's what would happen. People would vote for the mods they like and not the ones who do their job and deal with people breaking ToU.
  7. Another useless musang forum post for the fire. Forgive him, hes lonely and has no life.
  8. I get silenced a lot and no clue who silenced me. How I’m going to get mad to the moderator who silenced me? Most of the time the silenced are my fault and I can’t get mad with my fault. Sometimes my joke are just funny in my mind but offensive to others.
    I know most mods are doing their voluntary duty honestly or the best they could. On other hand if KaW community have a say on mods. Most mods will be more helpful to everyone. They are more motivated to help out what they can and follow ToU the best they could without selflessness. As far I remember when moderator on start. They mostly volunteer to help KaW community especially to help new players. Explain new updates. My opinion now most moderator they only toke the voluntary duty as a badge and does not do much anything. They are using moderator to advance their agenda to protect their clans. I noticed lately even forgivable grey area on ToU being abused because someone ego got hurt. If you are a moderator you should be more forgivable and don’t take everything personally. We are here to play like to push each other around. They mostly a joke. Just remember that it’s only a game. A moderator should be above this. KAW community is affected with moderators action. It’s only right KAW community have a say if they want a moderator to continue moderating when somewhat it’s not helpful to the community.
  9. Dont be an idiot and cry this much over a silence. Dont get silenced fool, act right for once.
  10. I hombly nominate myself for mod.
  11. Still don’t understand why we don’t have a war moderator in the game to oversee warring lol. No current mods war at all which is disappointing
  12. Completely disagree with the vote, however I can agree with the term idea.

    Votes would be determined strictly on who people like. This would induce favoritism more than presently exists (most mods are pretty good about this though)

    Nearing the end of a mods term, dev's could review performance and ask them to do another term or cut them.

    Doesnt sound like a bad idea. No votes though.
  13. Dave the scam mod saw my post here and decide he want to try and strip on me. I take poop break at work and see he has stripped. You so sensitive Dave the scam mod but don’t silence me plz like you do to everyone who argue you.
  14. A few things of note here ...

    By Musang’s own admission, he gets silenced for breaking the rules of TOU. He implies he’s done this on multiple occasions. This would disqualify him as a candidate.

    The devs monitor their moderators more than any other players. Everything from our correspondence to players in game to whom we give our KAW coffers to and why. Every silence is reviewed by support. Some silences and bans are actually done by support without mods knowing, but NEVER can a mod perform a silence or ban without support seeing it.

    The amount of time and resources it takes to set up a mod’s account in their management system would prohibit the yearly turnover the OP is suggesting. Voting on mods is pointless. The devs own the game ... period. Not the players. We have the privilege of playing their game.

    This thread has been answered and therefore will now be locked.
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Not open for further replies.