Moderater Guide

Discussion in 'Strategy' started by TheFrenchFrog, Sep 5, 2012.

  1. I Am a normal Player, I have asked several moderaters & Un-Active Moderaters these, and I hope this thread is good.
    1. Mods are Silencible
    2. Mods are Not ABOVE all Kaw rules
    3. Mods are given 5000 speakers, when they need more, they ask developers
    4. Mods are the same as us, only with more speakers & silence button
    5. Mods & Developers are unlikely to make you mod unless they need help
    6. Mods are Hilarious, Moose the most
    7. Mods are here to Preserve The age limit of game, and make it more fun
    8. Spamming, Inappropriateness, Threating of life & all that is looked down upon in Kaw, and all will silence you.

    This Short Guide was made to help a tiny bit, please do not Hate/Troll. Thanks
  2. That just doubled my IQ.
  3. Umm. KaW and Wulf both made guides on moderating also...
    Good Effort?
  4. This will be locked soon
  5. I'm sure everyone knows all that
  6. Thanks Captain Obvious.
  7. You know what OP, A for effort
  8. Heartfall, you dunce, it's E for Effort. Not A for Affort. :p
  9. Uhh you should of added some color/underline and maby a picture or 2... That would of make it a little better
  10. In wulfs guide he did not meantion all that
  11. And besides, I'm trying to help okay? Noobs/new ppl don't know all that
  12. Hestia I missed you! And as for op... Are you ******* kidding me?
  13. About 5/7 things you mention is in there maby all( I'm not counting mods are funny, like moose, because not all are)so yea
  14. **** This, I made this to help, but your all ****s, mod or whatever delete this ****
  15. Really ? Moose and the others put this in forums like once a week.